Deenise Glitz’s Spring 2013 Beauty Essentials

Looking lovely and beautiful, with sunbeams reflecting off your glowy complexion, is a feminine desire in all woman. There’s something innate in us that tells us that there’s nothing more perfect then looking prim and proper. The cold winder months have gone and it’s time to embrace the colourful soft pastels which spells youth and spring. Go light or even nude with makeup. Looking flawless is the key.

This year’s spring trend is all about the nice trimmed brows. Sleek and dark, with a little arch to create the illusion of a lifted brow bone with a slimmer and narrower face. Just like what we did last summer, contour our cheeks with bronzer. Don’t we love high cheek bones which made us look elegant and beautiful with perfectly crafted faces as if it was all meant to be?

Beauty Essentials

Smashbox , 35 SGD / Benefit highlighter makeup, 41 SGD / NARS Cosmetics , 36 SGD / Christian Dior , 62 SGD / Bare Escentuals , 19 SGD / Urban Decay , 15 SGD / Benefit perfume, 55 SGD / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics , 58 SGD / Essie , 9.87 SGD

If you’re going for a strong dark brow as a statement look, then go light-handed on the eye make-up. Line your eyes with a dark brown pencil which adds a thin rim of shadow that contours the eye naturally. Play up with the eye shadow colour by choosing a plum or deep purple colour to further add depth to your eye socket with a hint of a colour to make you eyes a focal point of attention.
The touch of rose pink at the middle of the eyelids help to brighten up the eye area, catching light from all angles and illuminating the high points of the eye area. From here, I would then apply a thin layer of foundation compact powder just to even out the skin tone and sweep your favourite blusher together with a highlighter right underneath your cheekbones. The pink hue with the shimmer from the highlighter does wonders to illuminate your skin, especially while you’re right under the sun.
With the current climate conditions in Singapore, it’s best to avoid cream-based product which might get a little tricky to remove when the oil secretions and sweat from your skin mixes with the cream-based products. 
Just a little dab on the lips, some colour on your face and some perfume to lift up your spirits, are basically just what we need to look and feel beautiful inside out. All we need is just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Nothing too much or heavy or we’ll look pretentious underneath the layer of artificial substances.
Did I forget about mentioning our nails? Mint green’s an all-time favourite since last summer. Want to be a little daring? Go for a lemonade shade. An instant pop in colour will cheer you up as you look admiringly at your nails when you’re bored.

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