Deenise Glitz’s Spring Fashion Blog Project: Vogue Wanderlust

Project Vogue Wanderlust

If I wasn’t blogged down with work, I would be on the plane reading a travel magazine, sipping apple juice while trying to contain my excitement as I set foot off to another destination in seek for a new adventure. The word ‘adventure’ is probably what enticed me to have love travelling so much that I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Truth be told, I’m indeed stucked on this metropolitan city which has been home for me for the past 24 years. Living and breathing in this city has been splendid but I need to be challenged from day to day. I am not implying that living in Singapore isn’t challenging but what I meant was moving beyond new boundaries and stepping out of the comfort zone. Once you stepped out of the plane which landed on Dubai, you would have to heighten your senses and be highly aware of yourself and the environment around you. Okay, I shall rattle no more about my undying passion for travel.
Since I could sit on a vehicle with wings and practically ‘fly’ to another continent, I decide that maybe I could dream myself being in Venice, Dubai, Moscow or Istanbul. Dreaming has been one of my favourite things to do during the day because witnessing an illusion turning into reality is an utmost wonderful experience, almost fairytale like. I finally understood what Einstein means when he onced said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” You could either view reality as illusion or in the perspective that reality is onced an illusion from man. I’ve been embracing this quote by Einstein ever since I’ve heard someone mentioning it at work.
So this brings me to talk about my new blog project which I’ve just thought about it like 20 minutes ago? I am going to picture myself travelling to places and then write and share about what I would wear or dress while exploring new grounds. Polyvore’s going to be my new go-to tool as I match and mix trendy pieces which I like and create an art which expresses my style and pesonality.
What fashionable clothings or accessories would I bring along with me? How do I look stylish and effortlessly chic in a new foreign country without looking touristy? I couldn’t wait to sink into a deep slumber and dream about fulfilling my dreams.
With this, I shall embarked on the blog project entitled ‘Vogue Wanderlust’ in hopes that dreams are no longer just an illusion.
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 

– Albert Einstein

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