Extreme Sailing Series 2013 at Marina Bay Singapore :I’m Swept Off Feet by the Shades of Blue

Last Saturday was an exciting one as I get to cover an international sailing competition which happened at The Promontory@Marina Bay.

                   Extreme 40 Stadium Racing.

This race attracted intentional media attention.
3…2…1…Action! Camera roll.

The Extreme Sailing Series™ is simply a competition where the bestprofessional sailing teams in the world get to outwit each other on identical Extreme 40 catamarans which are two-hulled sailboats.

The sails had neatled blended into Singapore’s city skyline. 
Have you witness the floating skyscrapers creeping into our shores ?

When the Extreme 40 race was about to start, I hopped on to this speed boat along with another media personnel on a cruise through the water to get some close-up shots of the sails and sailors in action.

The Blazing hot Singaporean sun beating down as we cruised down Marina Bay waters.

It was a pleasant sight indeed. Once you’re in the water, on the boat, you can’t help but to capture the pictureque paranomic views from all angles and perspectives.

A much needed isotonic beverage to take off the heat.

Hydration is to key to keep sane on a boat while waiting patiently for a photo opportunity moment of the sails.

Alinghi(the Swiss America’s Cup winning team)

Alinghi stole the limelight with its claim to the overall victory for the Extreme 40 race series.

What’s interesting about this event was the opportunity to be invited as one of their guest sailors onboard the sails. It must be pretty exciting to be seated right in the middle of the sail, watching sailors as they scurried across both hulls, pulling and tightening ropes to maneuver the sailboats.

Red bull sailing team came in second overall, after Alinghi in the race.
Team Aberdeen Singapore

There were quite number of surpporters rooting for Team Aberdeen Singapore.
Cheering for the teams in the shade with a gentle breeze brushing across our faces.
A spectacular sight of spectators.

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