Levi’s 501 Interpretation : Iconic Jeans Revived

Levi’s 501 Interpretation
Heard of Levi’s most iconic 501 jeans which begins its history back 140 years ago? This most worn and loved jeans is appearing again in this years during the most fashionable and mch awaited season of the year – spring/summer.


Levi has invited 4 local celebrities – Ya Hui, Felicia Chin, Tosh Zhang and Ian Fang yesterday to Levi’s 501 Interpretation event at Ion Orchard where the celebrities were asked to showcase their interpretation of casual wear with Levi’s 501 jeans.


This duo took the risk and presented outfit which not many could carry off. Ya Hui’s coloured jeans stood out and to give it a some edge, she wore a black biker’s jacket over to toughen up her look with her short cropped haircut. As for Break-dancer Tosh Zhang, he strutted his stuff with his washed-out straight-cut demin jacket and dark blue denim jeans. Who says we can’t match denim with denim? Do it the right way and you’ll shine like a star.


Felicia Chin gets creative with fashion as she turns men’s checkered long-sleeve shirt into a feminine lady-like off-shoulder top and tied a denim shirt over her waist in a casual manner. She calls it the boyfriend-look but I call it the cool and chic look.


In the next segment of the event, 4 hunks from 8-Day’s shirtless guys were invited up on stage where they will be styled with Levi’s apparels by the 4 local celebrities.


Celebrities-turned stylists. Isn’t it fun to dress up somebody else?


A fashion stylist was also there to assist them in dressing up their models.


All the ladies in the crowd seem to be dazzled by this guy’s cute boyish looks. Oh, that dimples! But sorry, I’m just so not into it.


So who won the best-dressed competition among the 4  8-Days Shirtless guys? 
Yes, its the guy with dimples.


These guys are mobbed by a crowd of Ya Hui’s, Tosh’s and Felicia’s fans, as well as other a group of weekend shoppers who stopped to watch the event.


We were seated at the sides of the stage, with our eyes levelling with the height of the blue raised platform and all we saw, were their shoes. Game: Who’s wearing these shoes?


Finally, the flashes has stopped and the mob of crowds dispersed, leaving bits of litter behind. It was a spectacular event organised by Levi and held at Ion but it’s just disappointing to witness the mess behind after the crowd has left. 
For more information on Levi’s 501 Interpretation campaign, please visit http://www.levi.com.sg/

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