Liese New Bubble Hair Colour: Jewel Pink

New Bubble Hair Colour

Liese Bubble Hair Colour Dye Jewel Pink

Liese just added a new colour – Jewel Pink to their collection of bubble hair dyes! Liese Jewel Pink hair colour has honey, as a moisturizing ingredient to soften the hair during the hair dying process.

I’ve been given their latest bubble hair colour to review on my blog. The delivery packaged didn’t just arrive with a box of hair dye but also a fresh red rose, basket and pink hair band.  

Liese Bubble Hair Colour Dye Jewel Pink

These items make lovely photo props for product photo-taking.  

Liese Bubble Hair Colour Dye Jewel Pink

Keep it affordable with DIY Hair Colouring Treatments

I do DIY hair colour treatments about twice a year. To save on some bucks, I would skip the salons and head to Watsons to grab a box of hair dye which usually costs me less than SGD15. Besides, since these hair dyes are semi-permanent, there are probably less harsh on the hair cuticles as compared to the hair dyes used in salons.  

Before dying your hair…

Liese Bubble Hair Colour Dye

If this is your first time dying your hair at home, do always read the instructions carefully first especially when the labels and product description is all written in Japanese! Unless you could decipher Japanese character, you should always open up the instruction booklet to read the instructions written in English.  

Step 1: Mixing the chemicals together

Liese Bubble Hair Colour Dye
Liese Hair Bubble dye

Here, I’m mixing the colourant in bottle 1 to the hair developer in bottle 2.  

Step 2: Shake it till you make it

bubble hair dye

On the instructions booklet, it says to tilt the bottle up and down about 5 times but in my opinion, the bubble didn’t foam nicely after tilting it for 5 to 6 times. There was foam but it was largely watery and runny. When I press down the pump, the foam was very runny and it was dripping all over. So I shook the bottle gently for about 20 times till the foam is formed evenly.  

Step 3: Wait for it to foam up

bubble hair dye

The foam has risen up, leaving the water hair dye below the bottle. At this stage, you should continue to shake.  

Since the hair dye didn’t turn out all foamy when I squeeze some product out onto my palms, I almost run into this panic mode and grab the instructions sheet to check if I’ve missed a step.  

Thank goodness, it eventually foams up.

Step 4: Squeeze the bottle gently to expel the foam  

liese bubble hair dye

But there wasn’t any instructions or notes about remedying a situation whereby the hair dye did not foams up properly. They should provide some tips on salvaging the situation for users. I mean, you wouldn’t want your hair to turn out in an outrageous colour right?  

Step 5: Apply the hair colourant right away!

bubble hair dye

Step 6: Wash off the dye and then use their rinse-off treatment to condition the hair

rinse-off treatment hair dye

Hair Colouring Tips:

1) Make sure your hair is dry before colouring

2) It’s best to colour your hair before shampooing so that the natural hair oils are not stripped away. This layer of natural hair oil will protect your scalp better during the hair colouring process.

3) To colour your hair evenly, you could use a large-toothed comb to run through your hair as you apply the hair colourant onto your hair.

4) Layer a plastic sheet or old towel over your shoulders to prevent the hair dyes from dripping onto your clothes.  

My Verdict

hair dye DIY hair colouring treatment

My crop is now glowing in strawberry pink under sunlight. It’s a pretty colour which complements my skin tone well. It’s also easy to massage the foam into the hair, evenly distributing the hair dye from the roots to the ends of the hair.  

The hair dying process is pretty smooth except for the part where I panicked because the hair dye wasn’t foamy but runny.

But overall, it’s another exciting hair dying process. Would you get aroused if you know that your hair is undergoing some transformation like a change in colour?

A change in colour can really change the outlook and aurora of a person. Now my hair is nicely coloured with these pinkish brown hues that complements my fair skin tone. Slightly reddish or pinkish undertone hair dyes do really help to brighten the complexion of those who are fairer in skin tone.

With my jewel pink hair, I’m all ready to embrace Monday and the rest of the working week!


(à tout à l’heure)( See you later, in French.)

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