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My Ray Ban’s Cat Eye Sunglasses: Meow!

My Ray Ban’s Cat Eye Sunglasses: Meow!

I just received my Ray Ban’s cat eye sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses which I placed my order a week ago. The delivery came earlier than expected. It took less than a week for the courier man to send it over at my doorstep!

It comes with a free lens cleaning kit which includes a small spray bottle of lens,cleaner,SmarBuyGlasses’ own microfibre cloth to swipe out any dust or dirt on the lenses and a mini srewdriver to tightened those tiny screws in your glasses.

I mean, this pair of shades is worth over a hundred bucks and since it doesn’t come as cheap, I would want to maintain it in its best possible condition. So the free lens cleaning kit really comes as handy especially since it is so compact, I could bring it along with my pair of shades.

The sunglasses were properly packed in hard sturdy cardboard boxes.It also comes with Ray Ban’s product certification.
I love the soft brown gradient effect on the lenses which are tinted from top down. Such lenses are said perfect for driving where the top part of the lenses helps to block off UV ray while the bottom clear part of the lenses helps you to see clearly while you’re hitting the road.Solid coloured lenses looks a little more dull and harsh on the face as compared to gradient-effect lenses which looks trendier and softer on the face. 
After unboxing the package, I couldn’t wait to try it out to see if it fits.
It did turn out what I’ve expected. Oversized shades with a slight cat-eye frame for my slightly roundish face with sweep-side bangs. This totally screams summer.
I couldn’t wait for my next vacation where I could decked out in the sun with my new cat-eye oversized shades! 

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