NRGLab SH-Boxes:Now, The Truth is Made Convenient and Accessible for All

Last week, I published an article introducing about NRGLab, a science-driven company that provides clean alternative energy technologies to the world.Currently, I’m working with them to share with you some of their latest updates about their projects and developments. In this article, I’m exploring one of their revolutionary inventions which could probably be the solution to a cleaner and greener planet. Maybe, we don’t even have to move to Mars which deemed to be the next earth by scientists.

Why is everyone talk about going green these days? Let’s hold it there, take a breather and unreel that roll of film that would reveal the truths.Back in school, when I was just 15, I used to be drawn into those highly over-debated environmental controversies which were prevalent during that time. There are many environment activists going out into the streets to protest.I vaguely remembered about watching a documentary titled An Inconvenient Truth where I listened to President Al Gore’s speech about how sea levels are rising and the earth is changing.There were tonnes of articles, documentaries and videos which sets off the siren to signal everyone to do something about global warming. The siren went on and on even til this day as we still continue to produce carbon emissions and pollute the world with our own invention of plastic and noxious chemicals which ended up accumulated in our own liver and other organs. Either we are not attuned to the detrimental effects of our actions based on self-centredness or we have,over time, adopted a callous attitude towards this planet.
But who could we blame upon? Could we just instantly shut off all electrical supplies just because generating electricity produces carbon emissions which causes global warming and the episodes of freak weather? Even I can’t possibly live without my Macbook which consumes 12 watts or 12 joules of energy per second. I need electricity but at the same time, I didn’t want to choke the planet with carbon emissions.Just like humans need oxygen to survive, our modern civilisation needs electricity and power to breathe. Unknowingly, our world has now been taken over by highly extensive computerized system which consumes large amount of electricity 24/7.
However, this computerized world is not a world without hope. Technology could be labeled as a boon or a bane for humanity. Thankfully, we are starting to witness a shift in paradigm in where government and scientists are stepping up efforts to invest heavily in alternative energy technologies like what NRGLab is doing. In fact, they might have come up a pretty cool solution to untangle all these mess which we’ve done upon the earth. At NRGLab, they call it the SH-boxes. The scientists working at NRGLab are the brains behind the SH boxes which generates electricity using crystals. Yes, I am not kidding. The solution to untie the knot is right in the box.Unlike fossil fuel-dependent technology, the SH-box operates completely free of carbon emissions.

Photocredit: NRGLab Asia

The SH-box is no ordinary box. It’s a sleek, portable, poly-crystal module which is capable of generating clean electricity for commercial, industrial and residential use. Natural crystals constitute the core power source in the SH-box and these crystals have a lifespan of up to 20 years!These crystals are responsible for generating electricity from natural heat.Who would knew that the precious stones which is used to make jewellery could actually be used as a source of energy to power your own home?

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Besides, generating electricity via the SH-box is not only clean but affordable too.The SH-box enables the price of producing electricity to go down to $0.03 per kW.

So with crystals and SH-boxes, who needs fossil fuels? 
Don’t expect our lives to change til you take action to do something.

Did you know?

” As of February of this year 2013, more than 2,000 islands in the Philippines have access to electricity thanks to the SH-box. Previously, 75% of the territory depended on fossil fuels, namely coal, for electricity.” – NRGLab

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