Talika’s Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening Treatment: Another Solution to a Brighter and Hydrated Skin

About a couple of weeks ago, I’ve attended Talika’s  press media launch of their innovative range of skincare – the Photo-beauty Therapy range. I’ve already started using one of their much rave about product,The Light Essence Cellular Activator which helps to prep the skin for a better absorption of other skincare products used after cleansing and toning. I’ve been relying so much on this product ever since I was given a bottle of it as it makes my skin feels hydrated and plump up. In fact, I felt that this skin essence could also double up as a hydrating lotion or skin toner to help the skin achieve pH balance and to keep the skin hydrated so that your skin is ready to efficiently absorb the serum or moisturizer you are going to apply on later.

After a few weeks later, I received another lovely gift from this Parisian skincare brand, Talika – it’s their Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening treatment range which consists of the Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening Serum and Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening cream.

The secret ingredient in Talika’s product, which made it to be known as a revolutionary skincare product, is the Photo-Beauty Enzyme.  This is not just any enzymes which you’ve learnt in your college science textbook that breakdown food particles.
These enzymes, activated by light,  naturally convert light energy into dermo-repairing energy which is being channelled to repair damaged DNA. If you didn’t already know, one of the main causes of wrinkles, fine lines,uneven skin tone and blemished is due to the breakage in our DNA strands. By repairing these DNA chain breaks, such skin blemishes or problems could be remedied effectively.
But what causes our DNA to get damaged? With time and daily exposure to strong UV light and other environmental stress, our DNA strands get altered. Overtime, our DNA chain breaks apart and gaps are created which would interfere with the DNA code. When our DNA code is disrupted, our skin cells would not be functioning optimally. That’s when you need a skincare product which could penetrate deep into your skin to instantly remedy these changes in our DNA.
Having explained what so unique about Talika’s product, let me share with you my personal review on their products, in particular, the Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening Treatment range.

Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening serum suits my rather sensitive-skin type better when compared to the Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening cream which I would be reviewing about in the later section of the post. This product is rich in brightening active ingredients like Niacinamide, Zinc and Vegetal glycerin which helps to even out the skin tone and bring out the luminance in your skin. It reduces the intensity of dark spots by targeting specifically at the melanocytes, which are cells that produces melanin that gives rise to the formation of dark spots.


As I’ve got rather enlarged pores which clogged up easily whenever I used a highly rich skincare product, I tend to use a sparingly small amount of serum on my face. The serum is light-weight but I would say it’s still rather rich due to the presence of active ingredients. I felt personally that this product suits me better as a moisturising or hydrating serum which instantly supplies moisture to my skin. As the serum is lightly scented with a pleasant smell of roses, the application process was an enjoyable one in addition to the fact that it didn’t take very long for the product to be absorbed into the skin.

 For those who are new to this product, I recommend that you use a small amount of the product on your face first for a week to see if it suits your skin type.


As for the Photo-Therapy Brightening cream, I find it too rich for my skin type. However, as compared to other face creams or moisturizers out in the local drugstores, this brightening cream is still lighter in texture.This tub of cream contains lightening and nourishing active ingredients like Niacinamide, Zinc Soya beans and Shea butter which aims to significantly reduces melanin levels inside the skin cells.

On a side note, it could be the presence of shea butter which makes it too rich and nourishing on my skin. As for now, I’m only applying this cream at the side of my cheeks and my neck which needed more hydration.


Besides this Brightening treatment range, Talika also offers another product range which is the Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-ageing treatment that targets at treating the various signs of ageing such as wrinkles, loss of firmness, skin refinement and dehydration. Protecting our skin from ageing should, in fact, start at a young age because by the time you hit 40, it’s already too late to start using anti-ageing products. Between anti-ageing and brightening, I would say anti-ageing skincare product goes a longer way in maintaining a good and healthy-looking skin.

Time to invest, ladies! or men…


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