The 3 New R’s – Revive, Recreate, Replenish Done in An Eco-Friendly Style

Reuse,reduce,recycle. Don’t we all knew about the mantra to an eco-friendly lifestyle? But somehow we haven’t been practising the 3R’s quite enough lately as the amount of waste generated per person in Singapore has increased from 1,330kg in 2011 to 1,370 in 2012. The rest of Singapore’s waste statistics, if revealed, will leave any Singaporean dumbfounded. Not forgetting that we are now running out of landfill space and Pulau Semakau could only contain that much of Singapore’s rubbish. There’s no way I could live with a heap of rubbish on mainland Singapore. Can’t we do something about this? It’s pretty urgent I must say.

So, what’s happening? Are we to blame? I say, scrap away the old 3R’s, and usher in the new 3R’s which I am about to reveal right now. The new 3R’s – revive, recreate and replenish.

I mean, reusing bottles and containers could help reduce the waste produced but who on earth would like to reuse their kiddish-looking Hello Kitty water bottle which they have been using it since there were 10? Let’s not even talk about school bags and clothes. “To save the environment”, as my mum would put it, she would hand me her oversized and retro-looking clothes from the 80’s which weren’t flattering at all for my body shape.

As for reduce, since when Singaporeans ever gone on the descend? We enjoy being on the top of all things and the word “increase” and “add on” have been our favourite tag lines ever since our economy bloom. Don’t we all love receiving beautiful gifts and hampers with that extra packaging which deemed wasteful in the eyes of the environmentalists but delightful in the eyes of any receivers?The more the merrier and the bigger the better.

With everyone scurrying about like busy bumble bees,flying from one place to another, it is quite unlikely that we everyone has the time to sort their rubbish into the following recycling bins based on the types of material. The mad working crowd in the morning rush hours at Raffles Place would rather think about sorting their investments,cash,work and problems than to spare the time and effort to search for a recycling bin to toss away their disposable Starbucks cups stained with coffee.

In this thriving society, we are all aiming for the best in everything. We want to be stylish,modern and at the same time eco-friendly and nature-loving. But how do we do that?

Eco-Friendly Style

Revive: Breathe in new life to the objects around you. Just bought a pair of Jimmy Choo’s shoes? Don’t immediately send the beautiful shoe box to the trash. Wrap the shoebox with some festive wrapping paper and turn it into an elegant stationery box holder. Or perhaps donating your old books to the library to inspire another new soul?

Recreate: Exercise your creativity by gathering all the recycled materials and construct a new furniture or an art piece to beautify your living space. For the ladies, create your make up looks with eco-friendly brushes instead of synthetic brushes.This is the time to let your imagination run wild and be as innovative as you can. 
Replenish: Fill your wardrobe with clothes from organic and eco-friendly labels. These clothes were incorporate with natural and recycled fibers such as organic cotton and silk. Rely on soft copies instead of hard ones. Saving paper saves trees and saving trees gives time for resources to replenish by itself. Don’t be in the rush to buy something you do not need because most of us are already equipped with what we already need. Instead, we should replenish our minds and soul with positive thoughts and energy, not things.

Even with the 3R’s, waste would still be produced as long as there’s civilisation on this earth. That’s when we rely on environmentally sustainable alternative-energy companies like NRGLab which helps and promotes the world to upkeep eco-friendly lifestyles. In partnership with Viscoil Holdings, NRGLab had embarked on a project to recycle waste materials to eco-friendly diesel.For example, in Singapore, NRGLab is now able to recycle 2,000 tons of waste daily into 600-800 cubic metres of fuel. 
Who says we can’t attain eco-friendly living with style and taste?
For more information about NRGLab‘s project on recycling waste materials to eco-friendly fuels, please visit the following link:

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