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When Charleen invited me for a food tasting at a salad parlour, I was overjoyed! There isn’t many salad cafes or places to enjoy some healthy and fresh greens in Singapore. So when I was first introduced to The Lawn, a specialty grill and salad cafe at Biopolis, I was super thrilled about the food tasting.
As mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve somewhat become a semi-vegetarian or a so-called flexitarian where I would occasionally eat meat but on most occasions, I would try to keep most of my meals to vegetables, grains and other non-dairy products. The fresh greens and healthy grains like buckwheat have been doing great for my body and I would like to take this opportunity to advocate everyone to eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Visiting salad cafes for meals like The Lawn is a good start.
So, at The Lawn, you might be glad to know that it isn’t all about vegetables. There’s speciality is in its grilled meat and unique concoction of salad dressings which turn up the tasty factor of its salad. And it’s not just simply grills, their grilled meat are perfectly marinated with a mash of sauces,herbs and spices that makes it tasty enough to eat it on its own. When toss in the mixed greens, you get that perfect balance of what nature should taste like – flavourful meat with crunchy veggies.
At The Lawn, you have two options : either you order a bowl of salad or olive rice. Both the salad box and olive rice costs only SGD$9.90. It’s pretty affordable especially if you order the salad box where the generous portions of greens and toppings are served. With the salad box, you can choose one grill, 5 salad toppings and a salad dressing. If you prefer to go for something filling for the stomach, you can choose the olive rice set which consists of one grill, olive rice and side salad. That’s like ten bucks for a healthy meal.Where else can you get such a good deal?
Olive rice with Char-grilled garlic prawns and side salad, SGD $9.90
That day we tried the succulent juicy char-grilled prawns with olive rice that has bits and chunks of black olive in it. That’s what I call wholesome. I love the olive rice as it carries a pleasant flavour and aroma of the black olives.
These are the toppings you could choose from!
My favourite ones are cashew nuts, broccoli, cous cous and onion rings. If you wanted something healthier, you should opt for nuts and seeds like cashew nuts, almond,peanuts or sunflower seeds or vegetables like bell papers, shredded carrots, broccoli and onion. Need a dose of protein? Add some eggs or tofu. If you wanted some carbo, you could opt for fusili pasta, cous cous, baby potato and sweet corn. Having a sweet craving? You can top up with salad with some raisins, grapes or green apple cubes. There’s just so many salad toppings to choose from!
Right here. Charleen and I ordered boiled eggs (source of protein), tomato (good source of anti-oxidants), cashew nuts (source of monounsaturated-fatty acids), sunflower seeds (source of vitamin E) and shredded carrot (source of vitamin A).  It’s a bundle of healthy nutrients for your body.
Funky salad dressings: honeyball, maple peanut, red island, citrus,perky sesame ginger and more. All the salad dressings are homemade and they are specially concocted by The Lawn. That means you can’t get to taste these dressings anywhere else!
My favourite dressing has got to be the red island. It’s thick, creamy and so full of flavour. It would go pretty well with any grill meat.
To ‘meat our greens’, we added portobello mushrooms and mojo cheeken. The grilled portobello mushrooms was truly a star of all the grills. If you’re at The Lawn, be sure to try the portobello mushroom which tasted so delicious.
 Grilled Salsa Duck
I wish this hot and sizzling duck, marinated with honey and balsamic vinegar, would do some sexy salsa moves in my mouth but it just didn’t. It tasted like the duck meat from my neighbourhood duck rice stall.
We get to try other grills too except the beef as they ran out of beef that particular day. It’s pretty unlucky for us we didn’t get to try their Aceto Balsamio Beef cuts which looked pretty good!
Grilled chicken breast with maple infusion
If you are craving for chicken on a particular day at The Lawn, you should go for the grilled chicken breast with ample infusion. Somehow, the meat tasted more tender and softer with maple syrup infused.
Grilled chicken breast with herb infusion
My favourite grill – portobello mushroom which is slightly charred but very juicy and flavourful. It just ‘tangos’ well in my mouth as compared to other grills.
This is my other favourite – butter seared pacific dory with parsley rub. You don’t even need to taste the fish to tell it’s fresh or not. The slab of the pacific dory, when sliced apart, revealed a fleshy white fishmeat which flakes apart so smoothly and easily when poked with a fork. Maybe you should order the portobello along with this butter seared pacific dory. It’s just too good.
Besides all the salads and grill, you can also enjoy a freshly brewed coffee or tea here at The Lawn with some pasteries and soup. I haven’t gotten the chance to try their soups yet but I reckon their cauliflower soup would taste pretty good. I definitely would be heading back to The Lawn for more salads and soup!
31 Biopolis Way,
Nanos #01-07,
Singapore 138669
( 10 mins walk from Buona Vista MRT)
Contact no: 6478 9739
Opening Hours:
Mondays – Fridays | 11.15AM – 9PM (last order at 8.15PM)
Sundays | 10AM – 4PM (last order at 3.15pm)


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