Vogue Wanderlust : If I were in Paris During Spring/Summer…

L'amour a Paris

This marks my first post to the Vogue Wanderlust project, a blog initiative which I’ve just came up with on the spur of the moment. The French capital, Paris was the first travel destination that comes up to mind whenever somebody mentions the word ‘travel’. This so-called romantic honeymoon destination for lovers had left a deep impression on me when I first flew to France. I never could have thought of myself falling in love with the French language and its culture so much that I knew I had to fly there again for the second time. It’s all mind-blowing for me. And Paris, pretty much sums up my travelling experiences I had when I was studying in University back then.

Skip the heels. Walk along La Seine with a sturdy pair of mint green shoes. C’mon, this is Paris. It would be such a waste if you don’t soak in some of the Parisien atmosphere and walk along river banks, sidewalks and pavement to get a feel of being in a city which is listed as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Deck out in your shades which most Parisiennes fashionistas would do at Luxembourg Park and bring along that most expensive and exclusive Prada bag of yours which is nowhere too flambuoyant or bright. Dressing like the locals here meant wearing simple but high quality pieces that not only spells classic but elegance. Soft-coloured pastels like yellow will keep you looking bright, cheery and approachable. Who knows? Love might be in your way.

Eiffel tower. Checked. Lourves Museum. Checked. Champs-Élysées.Checked. Macaroons.Checked.

You have never been in Paris if you have not tried Laduree’s sweetest and chewiest pastries, macarons. This sweet and chewy French pastries is the perfect part-away gift when leaving your beloved,Paris. Pop one of these crumbly meringue shells with wonderfully creamy ganache into your mouth and I promise that you are never going to stop. They say that love is in the air in Paris but I say love is in these macarons. If only the outbursts of sweetness in your mouth is as everlasting as love…

J'aime Les Macarons

I wouldn’t mind heading back to Paris for the third time or even the fourth time. God knows when I’m heading back there for another adventure. As for now, I could only read Ladurée’s Sucré recipe book in bed and enjoy the sweet almond and macaroon scent from Jo Malone’s scented candle.

Sweet dreams.

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