Vogue Wanderlust: If Only I Could Hit The Gym With This Chic Outfit…

Travel Sportswear in Paris

This month’s life has been hectic, not like it’s not always been like this. But I didn’t have much things now on my mind except work and gym. Turkey and Dubai seemed so far away so I’m channeling my energy into something closer to home – gyming. Who says Vogue Wanderlust has to be about travelling to some other countries? It could be venturing into a new territory or exploring some place new. As for now, it’s the gym I’ve been travelling to and fro most of the time before and after work.

For me, it’s more of the fitness classes that attracted me, not the weights or hunks working out their biceps at weights equipment area.  I’m all about the aerobic and cardio workouts like Dance, Zumba and  Body Combat as well as yoga and pilates to tone the abs. It can be so addictive sometimes when you pushed your body to work harder and knowing that these workouts will shape your body bit by bit as you simply inhale and exhale…

Besides the funky sports bra and comfortable pair of Nike’s running shoes, I would love to carry a trendy blue Puma bag to the gym in my dance wear – baggy top and tight pants. One important thing which I’ve been using lately is deodorant! I’ve been using it ever since I started gyming. Be mindful about how you smell after a sweaty workout. It’s all about etiquette and public manners.
The outfit I chose on Polyvore is what I could wear a typical work-out day at a gym if and only if  I could afford the expensive branded sportswear and had the perfect tone body for the clothes to be put on. Dream on. Okay, maybe that day will come pretty soon as long as I believed in it.
This marks my second “if only…” fashion blog posts.

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