2B Alternative For Face : You Don’t Have to Create An Illusion of Slimmer Face Anymore

Makeup and beauty gurus have taught us tips on sharpening and contouring the face using bronzer and highlighter. But if you’re not skillful enough in applying bronzer on the temples of your forehead and sides of the cheeks, you may end up looking like an ape. The powdery bronzer and highlight could also make your overall makeup look rather heavy. Besides creating the illusion of a sharper jaw line with makeup, there are several ways of sharpening your jaw lines, making your face appear narrower and slimmer. This includes facial massage to lift up and tone facial muscles, creating a V-shape jawline. The effects of a slimmer and well-contoured face could be further enhance with essence, creams or even masks which function to reduce swellings and firms up the facial muscles.
One such essence which I’ve been trying out is 2B Alternative For Face. The online rave reviews of this product has perpetually gave me me hope that I could finally slim and contour my ever round-looking face. Thus, when 2B Alternative agreed to send me their products for review, I was practically on cloud nine. I even did some bunny hops on my bed. 
How does this product works to slim down and contour the face?
According to plastic surgeons, undesirable jaw lines could be caused by the thickening of inner chewing muscles. Thus thinning our the chewing muscles could help create a softer and more feminine jawline. 2B for Face contains Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, an ingredients from France which effectively weakens and thins out chewing muscles and squarish jaw upon topical application. 2B for Face essence also solve other facial problems such as wrinkles, double chin and water retention. Coix seed extract found in its essence helps to increase lymphatic circulation which would results in reducing facial swelling caused by water retention.
Another added benefit of this product is it whitens and smoothen skin texture. One of its ingredients, Melaclear 2 aids in increasing skin elasticity and promote skin whitening. Pore size will also be minimized over time and a moisturized skin would be maintained, allowing the skin to be supple, elastic and anti-wrinkly smooth.
I received 2 boxes of 2B Alternative For Face essence and each box contains 2 small bottles (7ml) of essence. Each bottle of essence lasts me for about a month or so. I used 2 drops of essence for each application, twice a day.
Each application requires about 2 drops of essence which is to be applied on both cheeks and chin. I would massage the essence into my face from the chin to my cheeks in an upward motion until the product is fully absorbed into the skin.
The bottles of essence were tightly sealed and packaged properly to retain the effectiveness of its ingredients. To uncap the bottle, simply remove the top plastic cap and put the ring of metal foil off the rubber stopper lid.
The moment you pull the metal foil up, the rubber stopper will be uncapped and now the essence is ready for use.
So far, it has work pretty well for me. To date, I’ve been using this product for 6 weeks now and I was amazed by how firm and tone my skin at my cheek area felt. Personally, I couldn’t tell if my face was sharper day by day but when I go for my monthly facial treatment, my facial therapists commented about how sharp my jawline looked. But then again, it could either be my braces that changes the shape of my jaw line or my face slimmed down from all those exercises I’ve been doing. Whatever that is, there’s no doubt that my skin at my cheek area is more toned and firm now with the help of the essence.
If you’re looking for ways to contour and tone your face, I recommend you give this essence a try though it may or may not work for everyone. Besides this topical application of essence to slim down the face, you could also massage your face to enhance the slimming and contouring effect.


Earlier on, I was also given 2 boxes of 2B Alternative Mask for Face to review on. The masks alone didn’t help to slim and contour the face but the masks somehow works great when you are using it together with with the 2B Alternative For Face essence. So if you want to enhance the slimming effect on the face, you should get 2B Alternative Mask for Face along with the 2B Alternative For Face essence.

Cheers to a sharper and beautiful face!

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