Audi Fashion Festival Singapore: After-Party Featuring Azealia Banks

                 Singapore’s temperatures have been raising and so are its people and events happening right here! May is indeed one of the most happening month of the year where beautiful people from all over the world will be gathering here in Singapore to attend some of the most prestigious events here. One of such events would be the Audi Fashion Festival Singapore, an annual premier fashion event in Singapore  which showcases the glamourous and stunning collections designed by the world’s most revered designers like Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli and Ashley Isham. This year’s festival promises to add some celebrity starlight to Singapore’s fashion scene with fashion shows by Carolina Herrera, RAOUL, Ashley Isham, Zardoze and many more.
Photocredit: W Singapore Sentosa Cove
                Last night, I was invited by Ana Shell from NRGLab Singapore with her team to attend the Audio Fashion Festival Show + After Party at W Hotel, Sentosa Cove. Unfortunately, I was going through a feverish episode and was unable to attend last night’s event. You would have guess that I’ve been silently cursing under my breath for being unwell and missing this golden opportunity to witness such a prestigious event. Could you imagine how Charlie would have felt if he was terribly ill and could not visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory?
               Oh well, though I couldn’t be there to witness the event, I was thankful that Ana had suggested that she would take some photos of the fashion show and send it to me so that I could write about this event. She shared with me that the tickets to the fashion show were actually a gift from Stephane Fabregoul, General Manager of W Hotel Singapore.

Photocredit : Ana Shell

                   In this photo, we have Stephane Fabregoul, GM of W Hotel Singapore (on the left) and Ana Shell, partner of NRGLab Singapore (on the right) at Audi Fashion Show (AFF).
Photo credit: Ana Shell

                  Here’s Ana shell looking bold and beautiful in a blue and white checkered tube dress with pretty lace trimmings for that added touch of femininity. She’s currently a partner of NRGLab Singapore, a science-based company which specializes in developing alternative sources of clean energy on a global scale. Read about my recent interview with Ana Shell to know more about the successes behind this young lady as well as the current projects handled by NRGLab Singapore.

Photocredit: Ana Shell
Photocredit: Ana Shell

                  Last night’s fashion show at W Hotel features elegant pieces which are wearable fashion for everyday occasions. Most of the featured pieces were dresses made with sheer material in colours of black, red and white that emphasizes the silhoulette of a simple,modern and sophisticated woman.

Photocredit: Ana Shell

                 One of the highlights of yesterday’s AFF event was the performance by Azealia Banks, an up-and-coming American Hip-hop star who made her debut appearance in Singapore last night. That night she was dressed in this skin-tight neon tribal-print dress and I would bet that she was a real showstopper for the night when she did that Harlem shake!

                  It was a splendid night-out for Ana as she enjoyed the fashion show and the performance by popular acts,Azealia Banks, Kate Elsworth,Little Boots and Michaelangelo L’acqua. But I could imagine the huge throngs of people partying at one spot, with a drink in one hand and the other up in the air. Everyone’s probably fighting for some space to breath,dance and loosen up. A party couldn’t get any bigger than this if it was held on this tiny island, Singapore where space is a luxury.

Special thanks to Ana Shell from NRGLab Singapore for the photos.

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