Could We Stop Relying on Fossil Fuels Some Day?

I have a photographic memory when I was younger. All I need to do was to scan the pages of my Geography textbook with my eyes and all the images instantly get transferred to my long-term memory bank. Though today I had somehow lost the power to recall images with extreme precision, I could still vividly remember studying a chapter on fossil fuels and the alternative forms of energy in my Geography chapter. It’s one of those intriguing and galvanizing topics which would set anyone to start pondering about the imminent problems our earth is facing.As a 15-year-old secondary school student at that point of time, I do think about the future, like what would happen to the state of our planet in time to come? With all the various forms of alternative energies like solar and wind available, maybe there’s hope in salvaging whatever circumstances we are in? Perhaps in 10 years time, the world would stop digging for fossil fuels underground but to rely on clean fuels mentioned in the textbooks?

But 10 years later, the world I’m living in today still relies heavily on fossil fuels to power our lives. A decade later, we are still facing problems pertaining to global warming and energy crisis. Let’s face it. Ten years ago, the supply of petroleum is far less than our demand for energy with fossil fuels depleting as at a faster rate than before.Today, several countries like China are experiencing severe energy shortages. In the next ten years, I doubt if we could get ourselves out of this energy crisis. So, the pertinent question is, why can’t we stop using fossil fuels when they are other forms of cleaner energies made available to the world? Does our future really seem that bleak?

It’s a complex issue when it comes to energy crisis which involves the demand and supply of energy in the economy as well as political and social issues pertaining to the nation or country. I knew nuts about economics and finance to expound on the economics and socio-politics behind the energy crisis some countries are facing. Neither do I know about current trends of fuels prices or to even read new articles or interpret charts about oil prices. But one thing I do know or could do as a writer, is to raise awareness of this issue and to share about the possible mitigations to global warming and energy crisis.To simply put, it’s all about choosing and supporting the green choice. The Universe did not provide us humans with other sources of alternative energy for no reason. Our earth is blessed with an abundance of other renewables resources which we could creatively tap on to produce energy for ourselves.

Common forms of alternative clean energies include solar,wind, geo-thermal, biofuel and hydrogen energy which we could employ.One of the latest alternative energy which I get to learn about from NRGLab Singapore is using poly-crystal technology to produce electricity from environment heat in self-contained generators called SH-boxes which ranges from different sizes depending on the electricity capacity. Each SH-boxes could function for more than 10 over years in a single installation! Why didn’t they invented this technology much earlier?

But of all the alternative forms of energy, nothing beats this form of energy which we are all blessed with- human muscle power. It’s definitely one of the best alternative form of energy that all living things on earth could generate on our own. Need to make a quick trip to the nearby local grocery store? Grab your scandals instead of your car keys. So as to speak, we might give off carbon dioxide as a waste gas into the atmosphere which may contributes to the greenhouse effect, but at the very least, we do not breathe out toxic chemicals like nitrogen and sulphur oxides which pollutes the air!

On hindsight, I am aware of the disadvantages of some clean energies such as wind or solar which depended much on the weather conditions and geographical location of the country on earth. There could be issues we have to dealt with such as the cost and efficacy of using such alternative forms of energy but let us not give up in believing that we could one day do away from fossil fuels. Alternative energy companies and environmental scientists from all over the world are stepping up efforts in researching to improve the technology of generate clean fuels for the world. And as individuals, what we can do is to give our ultimate support for alternative energy companies such as NRGLab Singapore and other organizations or companies who strive to make the world a greener and safer place for all to live in.

Ten years later down the road, I do hope to read about how our Earth managed to conquer global warming and energy crisis in our secondary school textbooks. It might seem like a difficult feat to accomplish but there’s nothing wrong with harbouring such hopes, isn’t it?

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