Edamame Beans: “A Snack with a Nutritional Punch”

I was ‘dancing over the hills’ when I spotted a packet of edamame beans at the frozen section in the supermarket. I always thought it was almost impossible to find edamame beans in Singapore but I managed to find it at NTUC FairPrice. Even the beans were from them.


Edamame beans is another health food which was introduced by some health food blogs and fitness junkies on YouTube. Edamame beans are part of the Japanese cuisine where they are served as sides to the main dishes. They are basically unripened green soyabeans fresh from the pod.

These beans are described as “soyabeans that can be eaten fresh and are best known as a snack with a nutritional punch” by the United States Department of Agriculture. That nutritional punch would refers to the high dietary fibre, protein, vitamin K, and folates (or folic acid).

These succulent bean is also a great alternative to meat as it contains all the nine amino acids found in meat and poultry.


Preparation of this fun snack is easy peasy. Simply grab a handful of the frozen edamame beans and toss it into a pot of water and boil it for 3 to 4 minutes. Since these beans had already been salted, there really isn’t a need to add any other condiments. It just tasted great on its own. Try it this healthy and fun snack!


Though this hairy-looking green pods are deemed to be a health food by many, it doesn’t mean we could gorge ourselves with this health foods. Too much of the good stuff in our body can make us sick. Even if these food are great for our body, always consume them in moderation.

Happy Monday! 🙂

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