Facial Masks Buffet : Which to Choose From?

Applying facial masks to my skin has been part of my weekly skincare routine to maintain the condition of my skin as well as to pamper and loosen up myself especially after an exhausting day at work. It is recommended that we use facial masks up to once a week just to allow your skin to get bathe in essence which provides a deep nourishment to the skin.


With so many different brands of facial masks to choose from, which brand or type of masks is the most preferred one? When it comes to facial masks, most of them does the same job to the skin – hydrates and nourish the skin with a bundle of ingredients which either serves to brighten,whiten or improves the elasticity of your skin. So, essentially, it just boils down to the effectiveness of the masks or your own personal preference for the type of masks which suits you.

Today, I will be recommending 5 different types of masks from both LoveMore and SexyLook which are worth trying or looking out for.


LoveMore Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting and Whitening Mask

The information on the packaging itself is all written in Chinese except for the sticker label with the name of the product and its benefits as well as the list of ingredients printed on the packaging itself is written in English. You might have a hard time figuring out what the masks contains or does but to put it simply, this masks is somewhat more of an anti-aging masks due the main ingredient added to the masks which is pomegranate.

The material of this masks is no different from other regular tissue-type of masks but for the essence, it’s in the form of a white and creamy emulsion which proves to be rich in its moisturizing and whitening ingredients. However, I felt that the essence might be too rich for certain skin types and is difficult to be absorbed by the skin with the thick emulsion.


Yurong Scatter Amazing White Mask Sheet

The packaging of this mask may not be as attractive as the compared to the rest of the masks featured in this blog post but this facial mask works incredibly well on my skin. Firstly, I like how thin and translucent the material of the mask is. The material of the masks is rather elastic and it adheres nicely on the face. For me, I tend to prefer sheer masks which is light-weight and thin as it has a better surface area of contact with the skin.

The clear essence smelt great and I could even sense the deep penetration of the essence deep into my skin. After applying the masks for 20 minutes, there’s this instant radiance to my skin and my skin looked more refresh and rejuvenated.


SexyLook Intensive Repairing Black Cotton Mask

This is another one of my favourite mask out of the 5. The black cotton masks is one of those masks which is really worth trying out for its one of those quirky masks in the market.Interestingly, the black cotton mask consists of activated carbon which absorbs any dirt and excessive sebum found on the skin. Overall, this masks serves to refine the pores, rehydrate and repairs the skin for a natural glowing complexion. And the product did not disappoint for my skin looked clear and brighter after a 20 minutes application.


The black cotton with activated carbon proves to be a high absorbent material than normal white cotton.  The essence just simply clings onto the already-highly drenched mask.


The masks clings onto the face really well and oh, you will look like one scary creature from another planet in this black mask. Perfect mask for the Halloween.


The essence is also highly penetrating which did caught me off surprise for a mid-range inexpensive mask. It worked as well as other expensive masks in the market.


Becky radiance and luminous pearl mask

Unlike the other masks which usually contains about 25 ml of essence, this packet of masks contains a little more essence – 28 ml. Much of the excess essence could be pat gently into the skin on other part of body as well. This could qualify as a mask for your body. It’s spa-time! 
Like most SexyLook masks, this is also a 3D face-lifting mask which is stretchable and has ear hooks. A smaller, v-shaped-looking face could be better achieved with the use of such 3D-lifting masks.


Extra brightening duo lifting mask

I am a regular user of SexyLook masks and like other variety of SexyLook masks, this extra brightening duo lifting mask works no differently from the other series of masks. The brightening effect on the skin was not that obvious as compared to SexyLook intensive repairing black cotton mask and Yurong scattered amazing white mask sheet. It comes off to me as an intense hydrating mask rather than an extra brightening mask.
Whichever types of masks you use, remember to always pat the remaining essence into your skin. Stay young and beautiful!

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