Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe

Woohoo! I’m glad that I’ve just successful made some healthy peanut butter for the family. Peanut butter is not that sinful as what most of you might think. In fact, it has many health benefits. It’s a source of vitamin E, iron, dietary fibre,protein and monounsaturated fats. It’s so much better than butter,Nutella or jam spreads.
Think making peanut butter is alot of work? It’s easy if you have a powerful blender or processor to grind the peanuts and mix it up with some oil to achieve a smooth and creamy peanut butter. 
Peanut Butter Recipe
Roasted peanuts ( 5 tablespoons )
Oil ( 1 tablespoon )
Honey ( 1 teaspoon )
Tool: A powerful blender/food processor
It’s really simple. All you need is three ingredients to make peanut butter. If you prefer unsweeten peanut butter, by all means leave out the sugar or honey. 
You may use any oil you like. In most peanut butter recipes, peanut oil was used but for me, I happened to only have Macadamia oil in my kitchen. So that explained why I resort to using Macadamia oil. Besides, there isn’t much fragrance in this oil which would taint or dilute the flavour of peanuts in any way. Also, Macadamia oil is high in mono-unsaturated fats and it’s cholesterol-free. It’s another great alternative to normal cooking oil. I usually add it in salads.
Salted roasted peanuts.
You could use unsalted or salted peanuts but I prefer to have a little salt added to the nuts to enhance the peanut butter flavour.
Introducing my new powerful blender – U-Like.
This product, which was introduced by my Dad’s friends, is one of the most amazing inventions on earth ever. We sold our old bulky blender in exchange for this mini-sized blender with powerful blades and motor which could blend and grind the food in less than a minute. Washing this kitchen tool was a breeze when you could actually simply rinsed the cutting blades with running water.  U-Like blender is actually somewhat of a ‘clone’ of Magic Bullet. The only difference lies in its price. U-Like only costs me $69.90 at OG Chinatown.
Add about a tablespoon of oil. However, if the mixture is still too dry and it’s difficult for the blender to grind the peanuts, then you might have to pour in a little more oil into the mixture.
Almost there!
Finally, add a good dose of honey.

I can’t wait to try the peanut butter. So I immediately spread some of the peanut butter on a cracker to try it and it tasted exactly like the peanut butter sold in supermarket except that it has no added preservatives.
Running water might not do the trick to remove the oil film and food substances which might get stuck under the blades so I used a toothbrush with some detergent to gently brush off the remnants.
Next, I scooped up the freshly-made peanut butter into a small plastic container for storage.
I was pretty proud of myself that I could make something from scratch! It’s fun to make homemade food stuff like these.
Remember to stored it in the fridge and consume all of it within the next three days while it’s still fresh!

I’ve discovered a new way of enjoying peanut butter too – dipping celery sticks into peanut butter. I didn’t think it would taste nice at first til I tried it. There’s another healthy snack idea for you.


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