Mentholatum Deep Moist – Natural : Plump Up the Moisture

For us, here in Singapore where the weather is super hot and humid (especially these few days), we didn’t usually face problems related to dry skin or chapped lips. There’s just too much moisture trapped in the air that the sweat and moisture on our skin can’t get evaporated into the air. Still, we can’t be neglecting our delicate lips which gets dry and dehydrated very easily.
Adding on to my collection of lipbalm, I received another latest lip product called Deep Moist by Mentholatum which was launched in 2008 in Japan.It was a well-received product in Japan for its premium hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid,shea butter and avocado oil.

Unlike other common lipbalms, the design of Deep Moist is somewhat different. The lipbalm is stored in an oval-shape container. It is designed in such a way that the lipbalm can reach to inner corners of our lips easily as we glide the lipbalm stick across in a single swipe.

It did work pretty well for me in terms of topical application across the lips. But other than the unique design of its packaging, the lipbalm formula is no different from Mentholatum’s range of lipbalm products except that it contains more ‘natural ingredients’ and has not much scent or flavour added to it.

Since its packaging is also less feminine, I guess here’s another option of lipchap sticks for men to choose from.

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