Singapore Social Concerts: Blush,Carly Rae Jepsen,PSY,CeeLo Green

Singapore Social Concerts
24 May 2013

The Meadows, Gardens By the Bay


After a star-studded evening spent at the Social Star Awards, the next much-awaited event which everyone was looking forward to was the Singapore Social Concert held at the Meadows, Gardens By The Bay.  This outdoor live concert would features Blush,Carly Rae Jepsen,PSY and CeeLo Green where they performed several of their famous hits and new released songs from their latest album or EP.


The weather was perfect for the outdoor concert to be held later at the Meadows which is just a big area of grass patch where a huge concert stage is pitched. There were also food stalls and a media tent area situated right at the back of the standing area for the concert goers. Not to forget, there is also a VIP tent to housed the VIPs where they get to enjoy a free flow of beverages and tapas.


Once again, I was entering as roving reporter-cum-photographer where I would roamed the concert grounds to capture photographs from different angles while enjoying the concert performances by the various international artistes through my camera lens.


There were no seats at all. But how nice it would be if you could just laze around and sit on the graze patch to enjoy the 3-hour live concert? It going to be pretty tiring to stand for the whole 3 hours so some of them brought along their beach mats on the grass so they could sit down without getting their pants damp with mud.


The first opening act was my Blush where they performed about 4 songs from their album. They did a good job in getting the crowd to go really high.


I managed to gain access to the front stage area where I had a sight of the massive crowd waiting patiently before the stage for Carly Rae Jepsen. The crowd, especially the bunch of caucasian girls standing right infront, all got really excited when I positioned my camera lens right infront of them. Say hi if you spot yourself in this picture!


It didn’t take too long for Carly to show up when I heard an uproar of loud cheers and screams from the audience when Carly took the stage in her pink and black girl-next-door type of casual outfit.


She had her hair bun up with a black bow and with her pink top and black shorts, she looked just like another teeenage pop idol. Who would have guessed that this petite-sized girl in her cute outfit is in fact 27 years old of age? Well I guessed it didn’t matter as long as her fans love her.


Carly did her thing and exploded on stage with her twirls and girl jumps she did on stage. I must say that she interacted pretty well with her fans with the occasional reach-outs to her fans where she extended her hands to her fans to personally greet them.


It was pretty exciting for me to be this close to Carly on stage even though I wasn’t her fan but it was fun climbing onto the raised platform in my tropical blue dress and kneeling down against the wooden platform to take close-up shots of Carly running about on stage as she performs. The only downside about this was the fact that there were several unseen bugs like spiders laying next to me but it was all too dark and I just pretend not to see them.


Carly’s attached and now she wants to find a partner for her band member. ” He’s single!” She quipped.


Carly with her signature pink mic stand which she would use during her performances. You could straightaway tell that this girly girl loves pink too.


After performing about 6 songs, it was finally PSY turn to rock the stage in this quirky outfits and back-up dancers. When PSY was up on stage, the crowd started shifting forward to get a closer look of PSY. Those seated on the grass patch instantly stood up and rushed forward to the standpit area just to catch a up-close glimpse of the man who got the world to dance and sing in his Gangnam style.

It was a pity that I was not able to get up to the front stage area to photograph PSY as the stage area was cordoned off due to the presence of some VIP guests.


That night PSY sounded a little emotional when he started to thank his fans and the crowd for supporting him. 


Obviously, the crowd went wild when he performed “Gentleman” and “Gangnam” which garnered billions of hits on YouTube. After his performance, there was this sudden migration of people moving towards the exit. You could say that about 40 percent of the audiences went home right after PSY left the stage and before CeeLo Green performed. Oh well, I, too, went along with the crowd and left the concert as well since I also couldn’t have a closed-up shoot of CeeLo Green. As we marched back MRT station, I overhead conversations about how they couldn’t get enough of PSY. It’s like as if half of the concert goers that night was there for PSY.

Thanks to Starcount and Full Circle for this special invite.

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