Social Star Awards : Global Stars on Singapore’s Shores – Welcome Carly Rae Jepsen,PSY and Aerosmith!

Heard all about the up and coming inaugural Social Star Awards which is happening in Singapore tonight? There’s already a constant buzz in the media about this international award which is initiated and organized by Starcount. Before I start unveiling about what all this hype is about in the social media scene, let me start off by sharing experiences and insights I had for yesterday’s media conference, which was held at MasterCard®Theatre, Marina Bay Sands.

It was truly an eye-opener for me as this was my first time covering for such a prestigious global event which aggregates with the journalists, photographers and members from both local and international press to diesseminate information to the public. For others, it could be part of their livelihood but for me, it was a learning journey to the media and entertainment industry. On the papers and new media, it could be mere informative reports about the recent events happening globally.But on this blog, DeeniseGlitz, it’s a story retold through the eyes of a regular person, a girl who simply just loves to writes and photograph.

So I appeared at this press conference with some anticipating in meeting some of the celebrities who would be appearing and performing at the Social Star Awards happening tomorrow night at 9 pm. I only get to know much about what Starcount does at the start of the press conference when this host, Dominique talks about this organization which does rankings on the world’s famous celebrities and stars based on their popularity and fan engagement. They would do so by counting all the activity of  the public profiles on popular social networks (such as YouTube, Facebook,Twitter, Google+,Youku etc.) to produce the ultimate social media chart. For them, it’s all about creating the biggest charts on the planet and finding out who’s got the ultimate fame. And tonight, is the night, that they will be crowning famous personalities from all over the world who made it to the charts. The moment of truth will be out tonight and this meaningful event is as important to any celebrity or public personalities as they received  international recognition for their talent, hardwork and effort.

The moment the press were all seated at the theatre foyer, the host came up on stage to introduce the four VIPs who were the leaders of the corporations involves in this event. Present during the press conference were Paul Morrison and Drew Thomson (co-CEOs of Starcount), Bing Chen (Global Creator Development of YouTube) and Karen Mosley, Executive Director of Marina Bay Sands.

Photocredit: Full Circle Public Relations 

From left to right: Karen Mosley, Executive director of Entertainment, Marina Bay Sands; Paul Morrison, Co-CEO Starcount; Drew Thomson, Co-CEO Starcount; Bing Chen, Global Creator Development and Management Program Manager of Youtube.

The most highly anticipated moment by everyone at the press area was once the stars start to pop up right from the huge doors at the side of the stage area. You could imagine that everyone’s index finger were resting on the shutter button, waiting to catch a glimpse of the first celebrity to appear on stage. 

“Hey, I just met you. So, this is crazy and here’s my number. So call me maybe.”

You may not be familiar with her name yet but I’m sure you’ve heard of her song – Call Me Maybe. She is Carly Rae Jepsen.

Photocredit: Full Circle Public Relations 
This lovely 27-year old Canadian did stole a large fraction of the limelight when suddenly the photographers came surging forward to capture an upclose photograph of her. She looked quite petite in her floral dress even with her heels. I always realised that somehow people looked taller and wider on TV but in real life, they are, in fact, slimmer and smaller in size.

Photocredit: Full Circle Public Relations

Carly Rae Jepsen

Next, there was Sky Blu. This had to be my first encounter with Sky Blu, a talented Amerian musician and rapper, whose real name is Skyler Austen Gordy. He is better known as the member of the musical duo, LMFAO,who performed the widely popular hit “Party Rock Anthem” that everyone love dancing  to and doing the shuffling move. It’s one of those sensational hits which gets the whole world moving to their feet.

Photocredit: Full Circle Public Relations


SkyBlu was a crowd pleaser as he came up on stage with an orange shawl and showed off some cool moves on stage before he introduced himself to the media. With his funky personality and that so-called “rapper attitude”, this electropop singer lightens up the atmosphere. 

Photocredit: Full Circle Public Relations

Chester See

A down-to-earth man with a big smiles. That’s Chester See, a talented YouTube artiste who joins the likes of other YouTube personalities like David Choi, Ryan Higa and Kevjumba. I remembered him quite distinctly from the YouTube music video which he filmed with Ryan Higa and Kevjumba. It was a remake of the song, ‘Rocketeer’ by Far East Movement and they changed the lyrics of the song and even gave a new title to their cover version called, ‘Shed a Tear’. It was funny but it was also pleasant to the ears too with Chester See’s slightly husky but soothing voice.
Photocredit: Full Circle Public Relations


I need no introduction when it comes to PSY.I was almost blinded by the flashes the instant he took the stage. It was quite a sight when the photographers rushed forward, with some falling to their knees on the ground and lying their backs on the floor to get a shot from different angles. It was still hard to believe that standing right infront of me is this Korean global star who performed the song Oppan Gangnam Style that received millions of hits on YouTube. 
Today, I get to know that he’s not only a K-pop singer or entertainer but also a loving 35-year-old father when he begins to speak dearly about his family. Looking at his success in his song ‘Gangnam Style’ and his quirky dance moves, who would have thought that PSY is actually an eloquent, honest and humble man? I was still amazed by the fact that even though PSY was a native Korean, he could express himself in English with great fluency.

Interestingly, he made quite a few personal anecdotes during the press conference. I would say that the media had raised a string of good questions which prompted him to share more about his music and himself, as a singer. When one of the journalists asked about his favourite food in Singapore, he said,”Jumbo seafood” right after his personal assistant has went to check out the name of his favourite restaurant he went the previous night. Maybe we do have one of the best Chilli crabs and other seafood delicacies in Singapore. 
Another question raised by the media was about his recent music video, Gentleman which features a dance that originates from the K-pop girl group, Brown Eyed Girls. The journalists asked why PSY used the dance moves from Brown Eye Girls’ music video, “Abracadabra” instead of choreographing his own dance moves like how he did it for Gangnam. And I thought he had cleverly tackled and handled the question really well when he explained that he used an existing dance moves for this song Gentlemen simply because the moves fits the song well and by using these moves for his new song release, “Gentlemen”, he figured that he could help increase more publicity for other K-pop groups like Brown Eyed Girls in this case. Now, that’s a brotherly move in the Gangnam world.

Last but not least, we are going to meet Aerosmith! Before the American rock band took the stage, there was already this buzz of excitement and chatter going around. The moment I saw Steven Tyler in his long hairdo,who’s the lead singer of the rock and roll band, everyone just stood up from the seats and dashed forward. Okay, I got to admit that I was one of them. I just went with the flow of the wind and it swept me forward with my camera phone. Talking about camera, I made the same mistake again – bringing my DSLR without an SD card in it. Darn it! Fortunately, some of the photos taken during the press conference were shared with the media.

Photocredit: Full Circle Public Relations

They had this “aura” of a true superstar because that very second they placed their feet on the stage, I was totally blown away. I’m no rock and roll fan of theirs but I do know their hit singles, ” I don’t want to miss a thing”. I was glad I showed up for this press conference as I did not want to ‘miss a thing’.
Photocredit: Full Circle Public Relations

Steven Tyler in his sixties and still rocking. At age 65, this multi-instrumentalists could perform for his fans and excite the masses of crowd. When the father of Rock’n’Roll is in the house, who cares about whether the words which slipped out of his mouth is clean or not? The media seems to love it as they cheered and laughed but those profanities did made me cringed a little. Well, I could only say that is just part of the American culture where they could express themselves freely.

Photocredit: Full Circle Public Relations

All these celebrities who appeared during the press conference yesterday would be performing live tonight at the Social Stars Award. If you didn’t manage to secure tickets for this event, don’t fret as the Social Star Awards at the MasterCard®Theatres which will be streamed ‘live’ globally on YouTube from Singapore on 23 May. 
There’s so much more to expect for this concert as Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven will be hosting the first-ever awards which is to be held at MasterCard®Theatres, Marina Bay Sands. I, myself, couldn’t wait to see Jessica Alba and other celebrities performing at the Social Star Award tonight! That’s quite a handful of showbiz glamour there to handle!

Photocredit: Full Circle Public Relations

In addition to the Social Star Awards happening tonight, there are also two night concerts performed by these celebrities held at The Meadows, Gardens by the Bay and the tickets are on sale at Starcount.
Social Star Awards | Marina Bay Sands 
Thursday May 23rd 
Featuring full live performances from: Aerosmith, CeeLo Green, PSY, Carly Rae Jepsen, Eric Benet & Blush.
Singapore Social Concerts | The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay
Friday 24th May:CeeLo Green, Carly Rae Jepsen, Psy & Blush 
Saturday 25th May: Aerosmith

Tickets and information on exclusive hospitality packages available from

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