U-Like Blender Set: A Tool for Making Healthy Smoothies

I was watching this TV commerical on a powerful and compact blender called Magic Bullet which double up as a blender and food processor at the same time, instantly blending and chopping ingredients up in a fraction of a time. With all beautiful compliments showered upon this product by the TV hosts and successful demonstrations of making sauces and smoothies within a minute, I was immediately sold by it and I wish I had a set of it at home.

But that was like several years back when I was still young and frivolous and had no interests in cooking or writing recipes. But now that I do, I was hoping to purchase a blender or juicer to create healthy recipes and it just came about as timely when my Dad said that his friends have recommended this powerful blender cum juicer which is easy to use and wash. It’s called U-Like but I had never heard of it and had no idea how it looks like. But I didn’t even need to worry about cost-wise because I only need to fork out SGD69.90 which seems like a good deal. So my Dad bought it at OG Chinatown and the moment I saw the blender I was like, ” Isn’t this an imitation of the Magic Bullet?”

But who cares? As long as it functions like a real Magic Bullet – I’m satisfied.


The set comes with the U-Like machine, a juicer, 2 types of cutting blades and different sizes of cups with lids.


2 different sizes of cups/containers – a small and a big one
These containers are stable enough to stand on the top table and could be use as serving cups.


The two cutting blades – the one on the left is for juicing and blending while the other blade is for chopping food like onions or garlic.

Juicer ( with extractor)

This is great for making soyabean milk but I realize it’s a tedious process after I tried making it.


To use this machine, all you need to do is to fill up the cups with fruits and vegetables and screwed the lids with cutting blades to the cups. Then, then the cups upside down and fit in into the U-Like Machine (above). By the way, it is important to note that there’s no switch-on button. To operate the machine, you just need to push the cup downwards to activate the motor and the blade will spin and start blending the food substances together. I took like 5 minutes to find out where the switch on button is. Blame it on the instruction manual which didn’t state clearly on how to activate the blender.


Strawberry Grape Yoghurt Smoothie


So far, I’ve tried blending grapes, strawberry and plain yoghurt together and it’s one of the best smoothie ever! Strawberries harbours a healthy dose of vitamin C which makes a great Vitamin C booster drink in the morning.

 Add any amount of strawberries, grapes and yoghurt into the blender to your liking. The grapes added sweetness to the smoothie so there was no need for me to add any honey or syrup. If you want the smoothie to taste less sugary, add smaller amount of grapes into the blender.And the yoghurt makes the fruit puree more creamy and tasty. You should try this smoothie recipe!


2 thoughts on “U-Like Blender Set: A Tool for Making Healthy Smoothies

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a 4 blades cutting blade for U-Like blender model: CLS 2002
    Please advise how to purchase if available.

  2. I bought the exact brand/model (OG Chinatown) you have identified approximately 2010.
    It works like magic and beats most other more expensive models.

    I have recently cracked the casing/cover which houses the 4 blade.
    Can anyone advise where I may buy/order a replacement ?

    I’m presently located in KL, Malaysia. I will come over to SG soon and would like to get a replacement then.

    Thank you all.

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