Vogue Wanderlust: Brunei, the Abode of Peace

Gift pack from Brunei Tourism and Royal Brunei.
Selamat Pagi! Deenise Glitz’s Vogue wanderlust is back with another destination. I had started this travel fashion blog project about a month ago where I would write about the countries I’ve dreamt of travelling and how I weaved in fashion as an expression of my personality as a traveller and explorer. You could read more about this blog project here.
So this time, I’m glad that I was granted an exclusive opportunity to travel to another part of the world which I’ve never even dreamt of travelling to. That’s Brunei Darussalam which is situated just across the South China Sea from Singapore. It is precisely because this country isn’t one of the top travel destinations on Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet that makes Brunei a special unexplored territory that many have yet to discover its true beauty. 
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Other than the fact that Brunei is a fabulously rich sovereign state with oil and gas reserves, I do not really know much of its culture, traditions or people. A quick google research of this small state reveals that 70 percent of its land is covered with forests, leaving only 30 percent of its land being urbanized by the global pressure and competition to prosper and grow. It’s quite astounding to know that most of its nature reserves and forests are left untouched unlike other modernize countries like Singapore, which continually had to clear forests for the urban living and commercial purposes.
Having said that, from a traveller’s or tourist’s point of view, with majority of its land being covered with the greenery, what really is there to discover or explore? Is there anything unique about the Bruneian forests which is kept in its pristine state? Is it really true that Brunei is just a rich state blessed with natural resources and has a culture pretty much like any states in Malaysia? 
I guess I am about to find that out very soon. Watch this space for the blog posts on my first-ever trip to this wealthy oil-rich sultanate where I would spend 4 days exploring the wonders of Brunei with 4 other Singaporean bloggers Andy Storm, Tiffany YongRenzze and Malcolm Sunny.
Here’s a little clue of how my adventure would unfold. These are the travel essentials needed for this trip. You could still always look chic even when you are trudging through muddy grounds and green foliage.

vogue wanderlust brunei

1. Leather Travel wallet: Slot your passport,cash other travel documents into the perfectly-tailored compartments of the wallet. You will never have to fret about misplacing your personal documents or any ticket stubs where everything is housed in one place.

2. Hiker Ankle Boots: You don’t have to dress up like a park ranger or zoo keeper with the usual black or brown boots when exploring nature. Comfy mint green hiker boots like this could make you look fashionably green and chic as an explorer.

3. Safari Canvas bag and Camera: Capture all the sights and sounds with a must-have travel accessory digital camera. Besides the camera, you would also need a sturdy canvas bag to contain all the other travel essentials like water bottle, sunglasses and cap.

4. Oversized cat-eye sunglasses: Sunshades made a great fashion statement and protective eyewear against the harmful UV rays. If you’re out at sea, make sure you put this shades on to reduce the chances of getting eye cataracts.

5. World Map Travel Journal/Diary: For this trip, I didn’t had any journal to bring along with me so I relied heavily on my Instagram to document every moment and sudden thoughts I had. This technological app is my next best alternative to a travel diary.

6. Straw Fedora hat: I call this the Bruno Mars’ hat. Though it may not provide your face with maximum shade but at least it covers your scalp and prevents its from getting burnt. You wouldn’t want to experience any sunburns in any parts of your skin. It’s a terrible feeling, I swear.

7. Luggage/Trunk: This trip I carried a medium-sized trolley luggage which I figured that I actually might not even need to carry such a big luggage. A small trunk of this size is actually sufficient to store your travel items needed for the 4-day 3-night trip.

8. Snorkel Set: You could have guessed it. We are going for a snorkelling trip!

This trip to Brunei is made possible by omy.sg, Royal Brunei and Brunei Tourism.

May peace be with you 🙂

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