Discover Brunei: The Empire Hotel and Dinner with Bruneian Bloggers


I wished I had entered The Empire looking somewhat glamorous and all-dressed up in my stilettos but here am I at The Empire with my salt-sprayed hair,semi-drenched clothes and a plastic bag full of soiled clothes and shoes. Picture an unkempt-looking girl in her flip flops and shorts entering one of the most luxurious hotels in Brunei that is made fit for the Royalty.

Thankful that no one gave me a second look of the way I dressed, I quickly grabbed my camera from my bag and sling it over my neck. I never knew that my DSLR could one day be a great tool for hiding my face and identify. Okay, I am just going to hide my face with the camera so that no one knows that the author of Deenise Glitz was actually here in her shabby-looking outfit and flip-flops. I promise that no one knows except you.


Upon arrival at the Empire, I get to see one of the most shiniest black cars in my life with our national car flag. Who could it be? We later got to know that our President, Dr. Tony Tan was also residing in The Empire! Wouldn’t you have this feel-good feeling when you know that you are staying in a hotel which even your President of your country would choose to stay? Am I dreaming about the fact that I am going to stay here for one night? Slap me back to reality, please.


A highly-rated hotel by many tourists from around the world.

Jerudong BG3122,
Negara Brunei Darussalam,
Tel: +673 241 8888,
Fax: +673 241 8999,


Hotel lobby area

Try not to look like an idiot as you gasp in disbelief the moment you stepped in. The stunning architecture, amenities and 21-carat gold fittings are going to leave you standing in your awe, with your jaw opened wide. At any point of time, please do refrain yourself from attempting to scrape or chisel some gold off the furnishings. Don’t even think about linking the gold-plated fittings unless the Fengshui master says it’s auspicious to do so.


All smiles and sunshine. The service provided here by their staff is superb.


Our welcome mocktail drink which tasted so pleasantly on our tongues.


Even though we were looking all scrubby and disheveled, we did not receive any second looks from the hotel staff. But we were in fact treated like royalty as the staff escorted to our rooms.


Even the seating area,outside the lift lobby, was adorned with semi-precious stones like Lapis lazuli and malachite marbles. I was instantly transported to the inner chambers of the world’s most majestic palace. Yes, The Empire sprawls over 180 hectares and it does feels like I was in a palace with almost everything you could have asked for.

Deluxe Room 

Here’s a room tour in snapshots.


Check out my sweet deluxe room! 
I couldn’t contain my excitement the moment she pushed open the heavy wooden door.




My goodness, I am seriously dreaming, aren’t I?

If I’m dreaming, you are dreaming too. 
Be enthralled by the series of snapshots of my beautiful dream.


All I wanted to do was to plop right on to the bed and lie on those Italian tailored bed linens made from Egyptian cotton and hug those luxurious down feather pillows to sleep.


Thank goodness we each had our own hotel room. I believe I will get punch in the face if I slept with someone else because I spent at least 20 minutes taking pictures and checking out the room.

Only bloggers will understand the way I feel…


Complimentary coffee and tea facilities in deluxe rooms.
 Even the snacks and beverages in the mini refrigerator are free-of-charge.


Personalized welcome letter from the General Manager of The Empire, John Scanlon. It’s such a sweet and pleasant gesture from them. The letter was personally written by the General Manager himself! I am so going to keep this letter in my treasure box. Definitely a worthy keepsake to remember this memorable stay at The Empire.


Shower amenities were fantastic. Everything here comes in pairs – even the toilet bowls. One for pooing and there other for washing. 


Blessed with a sublime hotel room that has a private balcony overlooking the South China Sea, lagoon, gardens and gold course.


Just as I was checking out my hotel room and pulling out drawers to see if there’s any other surprises, the phone rang and guess who? The people working at the concierge called to check if I needed anything else. That’s what I call good service!


After a quick shower, we were rushed out of our rooms because we need to attend a dinner party with the Bruneian bloggers. While waiting for our vehicle to arrive the hotel driveway, we noticed that our president’s private car was still there. So, he’s still in the hotel!


I think Dr.Tony Tan was about to get onto his car and this would be a great opportunity for us to take a photo with him. Sadly, we had a dinner to catch with the Bruneian bloggers and the peeps from Royal Brunei Airlines.

Dinner at Azhani’s house with the Bruneian Bloggers


By the look of the photograph above, you would think that we were playing some kind of a ice-breaker games right? But no, we are fashion models for Royal Brunei Airlines’s new collection of eye masks. The chic eye mask make a cool accessory with your pyjamas while sleeping on the plane. Who says you can’t wear your Pjs onboard?


It was great getting to know the Bruneians bloggers who seem to know more about Singapore than we do. Even I felt guilty for knowing nuts about Brunei except that its an oil-rich state. But at least, now I know that Brunei is way more than an oil-rich state. This country is so rich in their cultural and natural heritage with so many hidden troves and treasures which have yet to be uncovered. The other 4 bloggers and I shared the same sentiments when we talked about how fortunate we are to experience Brunei in a way that many have yet to experience it. That is why the 5 of us are blogging about our insights and thoughts while exploring this small yet peaceful and ecologically rich state.


What’s for dinner?

That night we had a western foodfare. We were welcomed with grilled and barbecued food by the Bruneians.There were hamburgers, salads, wraps and fries which were all prepared by Azhani and her husband.


I haven’t really get to thank them for the wonderful spread of delicious food! 

Thank you Azhani and family for hosting us bloggers! I really appreciate your generosity and kindness to invite us over for dinner.


Meaty beef burgers

This stuff is really good because of it’s juicy tender meat patty!


After dinner, we sat around in the living room to mingle and chat further.But by then, I was feeling quite drowsy perhaps by the intense smoke from the grill or the vigorous jerky motion I experience on the speedboat during the snorkelling trip earlier on. I had no idea what’s the cause of it but thank goodness that drowsy feeling wore off after we returned to The Empire.


I didn’t know that there would a full load of surprises during my stay at the Empire. The moment I entered the room I saw a bottle of mineral bottle and a cup placed beside the bed. The curtains were drawn and the lights were dimmed. Awww… it’s so nice to have someone doing all these little things for you while you’re away.


I ate this cakes prepared by the hotel as midnight snack before going for a bath.


Finally, before I hit the sacks, I had this long warm bath in the tub. 

Riddle of the day. 
Why is the water so blue in the bath tub?
Answer: Bruneian waters aren’t blue in colour. The water in the bath tub was blue because I added blue bath mineral salts. 

Oh, so cheesy.

Lights out!

With special thanks to Royal Brunei Airlines,

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