Gardens By the Bay : Flight of Fancy – The Rainbow of Life

Being part of the family of “Gardens By The Bay Elves” entitles me the chance to explore Gardens By The Bay whenever there is a new exhibit or event happening around the corner. The atmosphere at Gardens by the Bay isn’t always quite the same with so many exciting events, exhibits and activities happening in the park every month. 
Not too long ago, I was there at Gardens by the Bay for the Tulipmania Exhibit and this time, I am back again for a brand-new thematic floral display called “Flight of Fancy” in the cooled conservatories  at Gardens by the Bay. The phrase, “flight of fancy” is actually an idiom which is used to describe an idea which takes alot of imagination but it’s not practical in real situations. But who says who can’t turn imagination into reality?

 It was quite an invigorating sight to see multi-coloured hot air balloons hovering over the floral display and with cute teddy bears sitting in the wicket basket of the hot air balloons. This is an unique opportunity to let your imagination “take flight” and “soar high”. Who knows we might be travelling from place to place in hot air balloons across lush vegetation in Singapore someday? Can’t we indulge ourselves in flight of fancy about flying?


When we first arrived at the information counter at Gardens by the Bay, my friend and I saw this large mobile van with shelves of snacks in it. Oh, snacks! I guess we were pretty hungry at the moment so food was the drawing factor that we so excitedly carried out legs forward to check out what’s this all about.
We were approached by this really polite girl wearing the Girls’ Brigade uniform who shared with us about the Do Good Initiative to help promote acts of kindness among our fellow Singaporeans. This campaign was launched by Fairprice Foundation which explains why there’s an extensive variety of snacks from candies, nuts and chocolates to even raisins which were neatly arranged on those racks in the mobile van. 
To encourage Singaporeans to perform small acts of kindness and share the joy of giving, they have created the ‘Do Good Sg’ app on Facebook for anyone to pledge to make someone’s day. For instance, one could opt to make someone’s day by pledging to make a thank you care for someone you love, run an errand for Dad, water your neighbour’s plants and so on. There’s a list of kind deeds in the app which you could choose from. Once you’ve made the pledge on Facebook, you are entitled to one free snack from the mobile food van! Food will definitely keep Singaporeans motivated to do good unto others! It’s in our blood and in our culture.


I pledged that I would encourage my friend to eat more healthily but she ended up chomping on Ovaltine biscuits. Oops…


The cooled air at the Flower Dome was as refreshing as usual with the natural scents from the flowers that filled the air, making it really pleasurable for anyone to tour or just take a short stroll in this cooled conservatory.
The beautiful tulips,which were once planted in the soil bed at the Flower Dome, are now all gone. But that doesn’t mean that you will not get to see any beautiful flowers. The pretty flowers at the fields which were housed here at the Dome since the opening of Gardens by the Bay, are here to stay. 


That’s my overly-passionate friend there who couldn’t wait to flutter her wings and fly off to a far far away place.

“Roger, roger. Teddies taking flight. Oh, are we too heavy? Because we can’t seem to fly!”


Since this was Xue Ying’s maiden visit to Gardens by the Bay, I told her that I had to take her to the Cloud Forest, which is my favourite escapade from the urban city life. Why? I love the sensation of having tiny mist droplets sprayed across my face- natural and pure facial mist spray from the rainforest.

Notice anything peculiar or spectacular in the photograph above?
Yes! We spotted a rainbow! Aren’t we lucky? Except that there wasn’t a treasure of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Catch the slights of these Gardens by The Bay kites dangling from the walkways.

I think these two fellas are screaming for help in the hot air balloon.

“Someone, please save them! They are stucked in the cloud forests among the flora.”


An elaborate work of art using whatever you could find at the ‘Garden of Eden’.

The sky was turning dark and we left promptly after touring the cooled conservatories. Time to leave these ‘photosynthetic creatures’ alone to respire and retreat.


Just a quick note: Don’t be fooled by the signage above when you are walking across the link from Marina Bay Shoppes to Gardens by the Bay.  You get what I mean.

Flight of Fancy Floral Display begins on 3 June and ends on 21 July 2013. Visit this new exhibit before  it takes flight and vanished!

Gardens by the Bay Website

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