Hada Labo ES Lotion for Sensitive Skin: As Gentle as Water

Whenever there’s a new skincare product in the market for sensitive skincare users, it will always be a time for me to clap both hands and rejoice. Skincare products for people with sensitive skin are now made affordable and widely available to all with skincare brands coming up with their own products for sensitive skin. 
I’m one of those who needs to be really careful in selecting suitable products which will not cause me an acne break-out or clogged my already-enlarged pores. Over the years, I found that products that were tailored for sensitive skin work best for me. Skincare products for sensitive skin often excude the use of harsh ingredients which might cause irritation to the skin. These ingredients includes alcohol, fragrance, colourant, preservatives or any other harmful chemicals.
One of the skincare products which I’ve been using religiously for the past 2 years is Hada Labo’s hydration lotion and its other skincare products which works really great for sensitive skin. Right now, Hada Labo is launching their newly formulated ultra hydration series catered to those with sensitive skin. Well, even if you don’t sensitive skin, you could still use this products which are formulated using the 5 additive-free formula – free of fragrance, alcohol, colourant, mineral oil and preservatives.


The two key ingredients in Hada Labo’s ES series:

1. There is not one but three kinds of hyaluronic acid ( nano, super,normal) to effectively provide ultra hydration to the 3 different skin layers – epidermis (outermost), dermis and hypodermis (innermost).

2. Zinc Gluconate helps to nourish and protect the skin from harsh environment. This essential mineral, zinc, itself promotes wound healing and prevents the occurrence of acne on the skin.


I got to try the ES lotion for this new range by Hada Labo.


The product itself is somewhat similar to their popular hydration lotion except that the ES lotion is more viscous and richer judging by the time it takes to be fully absorbed into the skin. The product needs to be pat into the skin for about a minute to ensure that the product fully penetrates into the deepest layer of the skin which is the hypodermis. 
After using this product for about a week or so, I noticed that the pores in my cheek and nose area is reasonably smaller in size. As what my beauty therapist have told me, when the skin is well-hydrated and moisturize, the pores will gradually reduce in size. Even though the opening of the pores has been reduced, there is still alot of work on my part to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores by consistently maintaining a good skincare routine and habit. 
I will be writing about my daily skincare routine real soon. Do keep a lookout for it.

Hada Labo ES Series – For Sensitive Skin

The Hada Labo ES Series is available exclusively at Guardian pharmacies nationwide starting from April 2013. 

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