Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series: Styling Products for Straight Hair

It hasn’t been behaving well lately.

With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it frizzes up so easily and it irks me to see so many fly-away strands protruding out, looking as if the strands has been electrified. Too much static charges? Maybe.

About there weeks ago, I remembered walking to the gym one day and the dance instructor blurted out, “Hey, did you just get out of bed?” and I was like, “What?!? No?”. It’s either he was complimenting my natural out-of-bed hair look or that I was looking so haggard and sleepy before a workout. Anyway, that remark had me re-examine myself especially the way I look in the gym. The last thing I ever want to hear at the gym is that I look burned out and exhausted. Oh, it’s really time to tidy my hair with the help of hair products!

Using hair nourishing products like hair serum do help to smooth out the frizz at the hair ends and strengthens the hair strands. But what about the hair roots? I was told that hair serums should not be applied at the hair roots as it might be too oily or nourishing for the hair which might cause the hair strands to fall off easily. So, how do we tackle the hair frizz at the crown of our head? Perhaps we could turn to hair styling products.

The turning point came when I received 2 hair styling products from Liese’s Daily Enhance Styling series. Familiar with Liese, a popular Japan hair styling brand? This brand is nothing new to here to most Singaporeans.

All right, I thought, help is indeed on the way!


Since I had straight long hair, I opted for the Straight Style Blow-Dry Mist and Frizz-free styling milk. But I was a little hesitant to use such hair styling products at first because I didn’t like the feeling of my hair being weighted down by sticky and gluey styling products that is difficult to get rid off. So you could tell that I wasn’t really into hair styling products and I have not used any styling products for literally, for years.

However, over the years, there are alot of changes to texture and quality hair styling products. For instance, for this styling series by Liese, the products are now more lighter in texture and weight. Some even had added moisturizing properties which provides hair nourishment at the same time while keeping your manes looking smooth and sleek.

Below are my personal reviews on Liese’s Frizz-free styling milk and Straight style blow-dry mist from  Liese’s latest hair styling series which are suitable for those with long straight hair.


This product stood out from the other anti-frizz styling products I knew of in the market with its weightless styling technology and it’s added damage-repair ingredient which helps to restore the hair’s suppleness. The frizz-free styling milk contains smoothening polymer that coats and instantly tames frizzy hair upon application, and without leaving your hair strands feeling stiff, sticky or oily. 
Eliminating the frizz in your hair could be done simply with 3 to 4 pumps of the product ( for shoulder-length hair) and your hands, the best styling tool we humans are blessed with. Those who enjoy sniffing fruity floral scents would be drawn to this product. The milky formula is lightly scented with this romantic floral fragrance.


Here’s a chance to witness my colour-dyed hair which looks like it’s beyond repair.


With a dollop of the frizz-free styling milk, the fly-aways are smoothen out and now my hair looks more manageable and tidy. After massaging the product into the hair, the hair strands did clump up abit due to the milky formula but after combing the hair to separate the strands, there were less clumping and the hair felt smooth and moisturize. The styling power is not too bad – my hair remained frizz-free for about 5 to 6 hours.


Making use of the same weightless styling technology, this hair styling mist is somewhat lightweight but has a certain amount of holding power to hold the hair style in place. This is perfect for those with straight hair that curls inwards for for those with round bangs.

But this product requires an additional step of blow-drying to set the nice neat curls at the ends of the hair strands in place. Using the hair dryer to blow dry my hair could be quite a hassle for me especially in the mornings where I usually head out for work or events. So I am probably not going to use this blow-dry mist as often as compared to the frizz-free styling milk. But this straight style blow-dry mist would come in handy if I’m attending dressy-type of events or to dinner dates where I just want to look a little more mind-blowing than usual.
Say cheers to smooth and sleek hair!

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