My Dream Home with Eco-Friendly LG Appliances

I’m nowhere near getting my dream house yet furnished with my own style of decor but I do envision of what my dream home would look like from time to time. But no doubt, like my blog which is inspired by green living, I would opt for earth-friendly furnishings and energy-saving electrical appliances which are stylish, functional and more importantly, eco-friendly.

Afterall, your home is part of this big picture called the Earth. So, loving the Earth comes before loving your very own living space. I am really glad to know that there are several electronic brands out there who are starting to be part of this global movement in keeping our earth clean and green. LG Electronics, a global and technology innovator, is one of such brands which introduces products that not only enhances the quality of life for its consumers but also creates a cleaner and greener environment for all. So my dream home would have to include LG’s eco-friendly appliances that would put a smile on my face, as well as the little ones, middle-aged ones and really old ones.

So, let’s start off talking with my favourite corner in the house… the kitchen. And one of the main energy users in the kitchen is none other than the refrigerator which has to be left switched on for 24/7.Because I love preparing my own meals these days, I would need a large and energy-saving refrigerator to store all the fresh organic produce, eggs, milk and so on. It would be nice too if there’s an ice dispenser so I don’t even have to open the refrigerator door to retrieve the ice box, just as what I’ve been doing habitually right now at home. By doing so, more energy is also conserved as lesser cool air escapes from the refrigerator and that would prevent this machine from working harder to cool the warm air rushing in.

I guess a refrigerator like LG’s side by side refrigerator would do a good job in keeping the fruits, vegetables and meat items fresh especially with its Hygiene Fresh function. Once this function is turned on (by pressing the button on the panel), the Ginseng extract coated 4-step filtration system would be activated to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria and odour within 15 minutes! With this refrigerator, you don’t have to worry too much about storing strong-smelling food items like durian and maybe even things like smelly toufu. But you wouldn’t want to store and keep the toufu cold in the first place.

LG Side by Side Refrigerator 
If you are game enough, you could try putting in your pair of smelly socks to test how effective the filtration system is in getting rid of odour.
Slim In-door ice-maker
( right behind the refrigerator door)
All refrigerators are equipped with an important component called the compressor that is associated with the maintenance of cool air in refrigerator. The compressor often takes up more than 80% of the refrigerator’s energy consumption. With LG’s innovative inverter linear compressor, friction points are greatly reduced which would minimize energy loss and maximise durability. On average, 40% of the energy is saved using the inverter linear compressor. Remember, saving energy would also meant saving costs in the long run. Using energy efficient appliances such as LG’s Side to side refrigerator which is rated with excellent with 4 ticks for its efficient energy rating, our household energy consumption could also be reduced. With prices of electricity increasing, you wouldn’t want to pay even more, do you?


1) Average of 40% energy saving

2) Less parts reduce noise level

3) LG guarantees the ‘Linear Compressor’ for 10 years

4) Provides freshness by ‘hygiene fresh’ function

I would be happy to do my grocery shopping everyday so that I could fill up this eco-friendly and cost-savings ‘storage box’ with an abundance of healthy ingredients used for cooking and in meal preparations.

Besides LG’s Side by side refrigerator, another appliance I would like to invest in is the dishwasher simply because I hate doing dishes with detergent that would caused me to have calloused palms. Who doesn’t? I believe that this environmental-friendly dishwasher is invented and tailored to my needs as a green foodie-cum-cook-who-hates-doing-dishes.

Well, cooking is fun provided that you don’t have to do all the washing by yourself. Here’s this ‘little lad’ to help you keep your kitchenware looking spick-and-span.


LG’s Dishwasher

It’s more time-saving.

I could keep typing and churning out articles on my blog as my dishwasher is doing all the dirty job for me. And if you are a rich tai-tai, that’s even better because you could be painting your nails and reading magazines while waiting for the dishes to be done. Life can never get any better.

It’s more water-saving.

On a normal basis, you would use about 30 to 60 litres of water during dish hand-washing. But with LG’s dishwasher, you will only use about 9 litres of water. That’s like 3 to 6 times less of water usage! Imagine how much you would save on your utilities bills.

It’s more hygienic.

This new LG’s dishwasher integrates a steam generator which heats water to form steam that is sprayed across the dishes. The steam is able to penetrate food residues more easily and melts any tough soils. LG has tested its washing performance against other brands and none can outbeat LG’s dishwasher.


Here’s another reason why LG’s dishwasher would put a smile on your face – unlike any other dishwashers, you don’t have to do any pre-washing like removing burnt food scraps, gravy, heavy and oily food residues stucked on the plate. The steam from the dishwasher helps to ‘steam’ anything unsightly off your dishes.

1) Optimized washing performance
(Vario spray intensity)
2) Eco friendly
3) Durability
(10 year warranty)
4) Less Noise
(Silent on the system)
5) More Space
( Big dish loading; great capacity)

I haven’t got an opportunity to personally use these two appliances though I wish I could but these are probably the two essential items I would need to get once I save up enough cash to buy a house for myself!

Do your part in saving Gaia. 

Use eco-friendly and energy-saving appliances.

For more information, visit LG’s Website

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