Panasonic’s Eco Crafts Workshop – How to Recyle Your Old Cotton Shirt and Socks

As a finalists of the Singapore Blog Awards 2013’s Best Eco-Challenge Blog category, I get to join with 9 other finalists for this category in this Eco Crafts workshop organised by Panasonic and Omy. It’s been quite a while ever since I last attended a handicraft workshop. I love making personalized gifts for others in the past, but probably less so these days due to the lack of time. However, this workshop has got me all excited about craftwork again where we learnt how to put together recycable materials to make something usable and trendy.
Fun Learning with Panasonic
Go Eco, Get Crafty
Eco Crafts Workshop

Date: 15 June 2013
Venue: City Square Mall
This workshop, which is mainly targeted at the little ones, was also opened to the public for free. It’s been almost a month or so ever since I last interacted with kids and parents. But we bloggers were pretty much on our on, getting really engross in making the handicrafts taught that day using recycled materials like cotton shirt and socks.
We were only asked to bring 2 to 3 unwanted t-shirts and 1 pair of old socks. The rest of handicrafts tools like scissors, ribbons,glue and markers were provided. Honestly, I did think that my handicraft work would turn out really horrible because recently, I hadn’t been in the mood of getting creative and crafty. But I guess it didn’t turn out too bad afterall.
During the workshop, we learnt how to make recyclable bags, coasters and pouches using the cotton shirts and socks we brought from home. These are just some of the ways to recycle unwanted clothings and turn them into brand new and usable items. More importantly, there’s a fun element into making these personalized handicrafts that is perfect bonding activity with the children or family.
How to Make Easy T-Shirt Coasters
Step 1: Cut the T-shirt into long strips.
Step 2: Braid the strips together, knotting them on each end. 
Step 3: Then, use a sticky tape to secure one end to the table for easy braiding.
Step 4: Roll up the braided T-shirt strips, adding some fabric glue occasionally to secure it.
Step 5: Decorate your very own T-Shirt coaster with ribbons or any other decorative items.
Done! It’s now ready for use. Since these coasters are made from cotton, they could absorb spills or excess liquid which drips off from the cup. However, I find them a little too bulky for cups to rest on. To decrease the thickness and bulk, I suggest you could cut out thinner strips of cloth to make the coaster.
Tri-colour T-Shirt coasters made up one of the participants.
My girly pink coaster. 
How to Make a T-Shirt Bag
Step 1: Lay your shirt out flat on the table. Cut off the neck band, the bottom seam and the sleeves.
Step 2: Turn the T-shirt inside out. Cut off the bottom hem binding. Do not throw away the hem binding as you will be using it later in the next step.
Step 3: Taken the hem binding, wrap it around the bottom of the shirt and tie it tightly. Make sure the lower end of the shirt is securely tightly.
Step 4: Over turn the T-shirt to its right side. Then, decorate your own bad using fabric markers, buttons or ribbons!
Featuring my Elmo T-shirt bag ( made using a Kid’s tee) and pink T-shirt coaster.
These t-shirt bags are pretty sturdy to withstand light weights. This could make a good grocery shoppping bag for vegetables, fruits or bread. Save the plastics, bring your own bag!
How to Make a Sock Pouch
Step 1: Make small slits at the top hem of the socks.
Step 2: Thread the ribbon or string through the slits.
Step 3: Personalized this sock pouch and you’re done!
Check out the new trendy Calvin Klein T-shirt bag!
TV hosts, Evelyn Kuek with the bunch of lovely kids!
Happy holidays, children!

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