Singapore Blog Awards 2013: A Heartfelt Message by DeeniseGlitz

About two weeks ago, I was informed by Omy that I was one of the top ten nominations for the Best Eco-Challenge Blog Award. Boy,was I glad to be in the running for an award at the Singapore Blog Awards this year again! For me, I know where I stood. To be shortlisted as a finalist, I felt that my efforts to write about the environment recognised by others and I was really honored to be chosen as a finalist out of the other participants.

Then, about a week ago, above 40 metres off the ground in a far far away forest in Brunei, I had first-hand news from a friend that I was also shortlisted for the Nanyang Optical Best Lifestyle Blog. And that really caught me by surprise as I knew that this category is one of the most hotly contested categories in the Singapore Blog Awards. To have been handpicked by the judges among the hundreds of blog submissions for this award, I finally found myself a space in the blogosphere – knowing that my published writings and works in my blog was both impactful and influential.

Being nominated for both award categories itself was already very rewarding for myself and I couldn’t have asked for more. Whether I win the awards or not, I just want to thank you – yes, you! – a frequent reader or first-time visitors of my blog. Some of these people could be my good khakis, blogging mates, friends and even families. Thank you for the support and encouragement you’ve given me throughout my blogging journey. This lifestyle blog, which was solely managed and written by me,was never intended to have been created if not for a communications module I took at university. And I never knew that I would love to write and sing so much that I yearn to share my works with the world.

Both writing and singing, to me, are just another form of art. So every single blog article here was written my own heart and soul. The combination of writings and photographs has become a work of art  for me which were painstakingly crafted by my own hands. I write about basically anything that appeals to me at that point of my life. Though this blog may not be an exact reflection of my life journey, it does documents the transformation in terms of my lifestyle.

In my university years, I led a so-called ‘nomadic’ lifestyle where I spend my school vacation travelling out of Singapore. After graduating from studies and entering work life, I began to cling on tightly to my hobbies and passion which includes singing, teaching, learning foreign languages and making YouTube videos. But life is full of unexpected treasures and events. Today, I found myself madly in love with health and fitness. In particular, I realized that I could actually dance when I thought I lacked of the groove to learn dancing. I couldn’t have felt much happier and appreciative of what the Universe has blessed me with. Time and time again, I am always discovering so much about myself and unleashing the potential I had in me. And blogging, ‘my life companion’ was what kept me motivated about reliving the moment, exploring the unknowns and going beyond what was expected of me. It kept me going knowing that I would be able to share my experiences, knowledge and expertise with the world.

Sharing my life journey verbally with others was never easy for a socially-awkward person like myself who expressed best through written words. Photographs were taken through my perspective of world, and never in the opinions of likes of others.Deenise Glitz is not an online magazine or a news portal.This blog was written for myself, and not others. It’s merely a lifestyle journal that documents my lifestyle in hope that I could inspire others and do good for the earth and its people, as an author of Deenise Glitz.

With lots of love from an ordinary girl who dreams constantly,

More about Deenise Glitz

So,why Deenise Glitz? My name is Deenise and this blog speaks loudly about my way of living. Glitz was a word stemmed from glitter which I’ve randomly thought of as a kid. This word represents my dream which has yet to be fulfilled. I dreamt of creating a fashion and beauty brand named “Glitz” which reflects my personality and life philosophy.

Chasing dreams has always been my blogging journey. It’s the way I styled my life to be.


Best Eco-Challenge Blog Award Finalist

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Nanyang Optical Best Lifestyle Blog Finalist

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Though I may be far from winning the award in comparison with the other bloggers who shine better, I would still like to acknowledge and thank you readers for voting.
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A big thank you to for organizing the SBA for the blogging community in Singapore.

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