The Energy Diet Challenge

It’s really time to ‘slim’ down your electricity bills if it has been ‘fattening’ up over the years. I’m afraid that if we don’t start on this energy diet soon, our energy reserves are going to get depleted real soon. Let’s be realistic here. In light of the imminent energy crisis happening in several countries like China and India, our costs of living would increase along with the rising oil and coal prices.

This energy diet challenge, inspired by Canadian Geographic’s Classroom Energy Diet Challenge, is no different usual weight loss diet which woman has been programmed to follow throughout the rest of their lives.Burning the kilos of your weight allows you to achieve your dream body shape and a better health status. Likewise, shedding of the kilowatts helps to loosen up your wallet and most importantly, it’s one of the ways of contributing your efforts to save Gaia. It’s our responsibility to keep our home sustainable for all to live.

Cutting down our energy usage in homes and offices, like losing weight, is also part of a lifestyle change that we should adopt in order to have a more sustainable future for all. It shouldn’t be a one-off thing but a habitual practice we need to incorporate into our way of live.
Embarking on this energy diet challenge isn’t difficult at all but it requires commitment from you and your family.
Are you ready for the energy diet challenge? Before embarking on this challenge, do study the power pyramid to find out which home electrical appliances consumes the most electricity.
Challenge #1: Switch off all electrical appliances and lights when you leave the room.
“Just leave the lights and air-con on.We will be back in this room, anyway.” This is not an excuse to leave the electrical appliances in the room running for long. As a rule, if I’m not returning to my room within a minute, I would switch off all electrical appliances in the room. Saving a minute worth’s of energy could amount up to dollars if you calculate the total number of minutes you would save over a year.
Challenge #2: Unplug appliances when not in use.

One of the well-known energy-saving tips is to not leave your appliances on Standby mode and my family has been exercising this useful tip of switching off all appliances before going to bed. However, recently, I just found out that even when the appliances are turned off, these gadgets continues to sap energy from the power source. So unplug electronic gadgets or appliances especially the energy guzzlers ( refer to diagram above) when they are not in used.
Challenge #3: Go electricity-less for an hour a day.

This is akin to celebrating Earth hour everyday. Challenge yourself to go ‘powerless’ for an hour a day to remind ourselves of the importance of energy is in ourselves and how we should not take it for granted. It could be a fun and meaningful activity for the family where you could spend an hour in darkness in the living room chit-chatting or just spending time together over candlelight dinners or a star gazing activity. It’s like returning back to nature, being in touch with ourselves, in total darkness. You could treat it as a time for reflection or mediation where you take some time to breathe deeply and relax.
I told you, it’s never going to be easy but it’s nothing to difficult accomplish it. 

I’m ready for this challenge. What about you?

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