A Hidden Source of Energy: How Electricity Could be Creatively Harvested

Welcome back to another ‘episode’ of NRGLab’s innovative technology to produce clean energy for the world. Indeed, writing a blog article is akin to filming a television programme where nuggets of information is being broadcast to a wide audience on a regular basis. So, stay tuned to my blog for more updates and news of NRGLab’s current and highly-anticipated green projects, technologies and news.

And if you’re new to NRGLab, it’s time to get acquainted with this alternative energy company which constantly strives to create electricity through various innovative ways. I regard NRGLab as our future active powerhouse which utilizes creativity in science provide us with environmental-friendly ‘recipes’ or formulas for generating energy, the life blood of economic development. One of their most talked about green energy technology is the SH-boxes that generates electricity from environmental heat.When a temperature gradient is set up, electric current is produced. Their other green energy projects also includes recycling waste material into eco-friendly fuels as well as lower-cost gasification technology for green energy. And the other project, which I’ve yet to introduce here in my blog, is their proposed new method of harvesting electricity during the conversion of natural gas to gasoline ( or petrol).

Sounds to technical for knowledge digestion? Perhaps let’s start of with the technology where gasoline could be derived from natural gas. This is called Gas to Liquids ( or GTL), a refinery process which transforms natural gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons into gasoline or diesel. So, what’s the value or purpose behind GTL?

Source: www.arcticgas.gov

The GTL ( Gas to Liquid) Method involves the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis which is a series of chemical reactions that converts gaseous hydrocarbons to a liquid form.

Unwanted natural gas is usually released into the air when oil is being pumped out. Since this gaseous by-product is difficult to harvest, oil companies usually release it into the atmosphere or burn it in a flare  .This would only result in an increase of potent greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide which our atmosphere does not need anymore. So the GTL method is useful and purposeful here in this sense as it helps in natural gas damping by converting the unwanted natural gas into gasoline. And what NRGLab has created is their very own equippment which could obtain synthetic gasoline and at the same time, generates electricity. This enhanced technology is a more economical way of maximising the GTL process which now could be recognised as another method of generating alternative energy.

Once again,NRGLab has shown us how energy could be creatively tapped upon through our current existing processes and technology.Never would one have imagined how our current technologies and methods could be further enhanced to bring about economical benefits that doesn’t put our environment in jeopardy.

More hidden sources of electricity to be revealed in the next episode. Continue to be in the support for green fuels.

NRGLab Pte Ltd is currently looking for a strategic partner for this exclusive project.
For more information about NRGLab’s equippment that enhances natural gas damping, please refer to the article written by Zeev Drori who is one of NRGLab’s leading scientists as well as the head of NRGLab’s laboratory in Israel.

NRGLab Company: www.nrglab.asia

The Fund of entrepreneurs-inventors: www.anashell.com

Viscoil Holdings: www.viscoil.com

NRGLab’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/NRGLABSGD

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