Accelerating the Future with NRGLab Singapore

“The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.” I couldn’t agree more to the speaker who made a speech at the X Prize Foundation’s annual competition in 2010, at Washington DC. I guess we have all come to a standing point where we are armed with the ability to create or change the world with the power we’ve harnessed for ourselves. So, what’s the power we have in our humanity that could make a great impact in our society and the world at large? It’s technology.
Today, we might have created a big hole for ourselves with the use of technology when we get drown by imminent problems such as energy crisis and global warming.The harm inflicted upon earth can’t be undone overnight but that doesn’t mean that we have given up upon ourselves and decided that we should all migrate to another planet. In fact, there’s been a rise of both individuals and companies from various industries who seeks innovative ways to impact both humanity and our environment in positive ways. The sole belief is that technology not only brings about innovation but it also accelerates the positive impacts globally.
Take for instance the recent breakthroughs in clean fuels, energy efficiency, energy storage and renewable energies initiated by companies such as NRGLab which helps end our addiction to oil and reduces the harmful effects on climate change. How could we develop cars that run more efficiently? Could we provide clean and affordable energy to the world? How could we use technology to maximise the use of our natural resources? How do we push the boundaries to create a better future than it is today for ourselves?
NRGLab is part of that solution.

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