Aimer’s New Autumn-Winter 2013 Collection: Celebrating the Elegance and Romance of Kun Qu


Unwrapping the little media gifts from Aimer comes as a true delight with their disclosure of what to expect in their new and upcoming autumn-winter 2013 collection. This leading high-end lingerie brand for modern women in Asia gives a bountiful of surprises with its latest collection of exquisite lingerie which is inspired by a Chinese classical Kun Qu Opera masterpiece, The Peony Pavilion. Aimer’s collection, which consisted of 7 series of lingerie, reflects the beautiful harmonization of the East and West.

Kun Qu is a form of traditional Chinese theatre dating back to the 14th century and it is one of the oldest form of Chinese opera which is still performed around the world even til today. It perfectly embodies the traditionalism and rich heritage of China’s artistic history through the impeccable embodiment of art, poetry, singing, dance and Chinese literature.

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A true classic Kun Qu masterpiece would be The Peony Pavilion, an extraordinary love story which is about a young woman who dreams about a mysterious man and yearns for him. Written during the Ming dynasty by Tang Xianzu, this classical piece of work is considered as a Chinese national treasure and today, it has provided a fountain of inspiration for Aimer’s latest collection of elegant and exquisite lingerie.


Enclosed in the traditional floral pouch is a romantic pink lip case and a vintage box of face powder that  brings back recollections of the past where women powdered their face with this white talc powder. The face powder and lipstick case are actually reminiscent of this traditional form of Chinese theatre, Kun Qu where its distinctive characteristic lies in the standardized facial makeup looks, of which most recognised by the powdered doll-like faces with white and pink hues to accentuate facial features.

This is a true work of art that weaves in the elegance and romance of the Chinese love opera, The Peony Pavilion that reflects the elegance and true feminity in women. Scroll down to view Aimer’s latest collection.


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Aimer’s Autumn-Winter 2013 Collection

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Love at First Sight 

Using a colour palette reminiscent of tradition Chinese traditional painting, and combined with a rich and luxurious textures of delicate lace embroidery, Aimer creatively presents a collection of unparallel classical beauty.

 Flower Pixie

Channelling the gentleness and femininity of female Kun Qu actresses, the most delicate and exquisite laces adorn this piece.

Butterfly Dance
Using the traditional technique of Chinese embroidery to accentuate the classicism of this design, oriental motifs such as butterflies celebrate the delicate beauty of romance.


Clean lines bring out the best of satin in this creation, evoking exquisite simplicity, in turn highlighting confidence in modesty.Made with thin, comfortable fabric, Ambilight utilises soft, glossy embroidered satin, with decorative stitching to emphasise the simplicity of the lingerie.


The rich and affluent heritage of the Moors is captured in this tribute to the classical love songs and beautiful palaces in Morocco. Much like the timeless engravings on the palace walls, this series sees a lavish use of classic rich lace and feminine lines in all its sets.

Sets are made from non-woven Q cotton for comfort, breathability and maintenance of lingerie. Elastic warp knitting enhances elasticity and preservation of lingerie contours.

Feather story
The refinement and elegance of the female form is manifested in the soft, feathered lace used in this design. Embellished with rhinestones, Feather Story attracts the eye through accentuating a woman’s charming and alluring curvature.

Miss Valentine
Highly seductive and sensual, Miss Valentine is mysterious, bold and coy. Lace trimmings both cover and tease at the same time. This series features soft sponge silicone cups for added comfort and lift, coyly hidden under warp knitted lace and elastic mesh spandex. Colour topping creates a 3-dimensional optical effect for added sensuality.
All designs in the Autumn Winter 2013 collection boast the latest western technical know-how in lingerie design. These include:
3D Lifting: Innovative lingerie architecture to ensure lift, padded support, and quilted lining and four- sliced cups for maximum comfort.
Side-wing Support: Heightened side wings with padded bases to provide extra security. 

The Autumn Winter 2013 collection is available at Aimer boutiques from August 2013.
Prices start from S$29.90 for briefs and S$69.90 for brassieres.
Aimer boutiques are located at the following locations:
Takashimaya Department Store, Lingerie Department Level 3
Vivocity #01-138/139/140
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #B1-148 (Opening in September 2013)

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