Discovering Origins Best Selling Mask : Learning About The Wonders of Nature

It was bright and cheery morning and I was up early that day to attend Origins’ beauty workshop in order to learn more about their best selling masks. But more importantly, it is an opportunity for me to get acquainted with this brand that prides itself for creating high-performance natural skincare products with organic ingredients. Though I’ve heard of Origins and had patronized their beauty counters at departmental stores before, I’ve never tried any of Origins’ skincare products prior to this workshop.

After sinking comfortably into my green and (occasionally) organic/raw lifestyle, maybe it’s time for me to start using products with natural organic ingredients, in support of such green companies which keeps up with earth-friendly practices.

It was 10 am and I haven’t grabbed any breakfast before leaving the house. Looking at the breakfast spread, it was somewhat tad difficult for me to choose anything organic and raw except for the fruit tarts which has fresh fruit slices tucks into custard-filled tart casings. So in times where it’s almost impossible to go organic or raw, I would simply tell yourself that this is going to be labelled as a ‘cheat meal’. 

The organizing team at Origins must have taken quite some time to prepare all of these before the workshop which was scheduled to commence at 10 am! Kudos to the hardworking and commited people at Origins!


Right at the start of the workshop, we were brief about Origins’ mission and brand philosophy. It is only through this short introduction that I learned that the Origins products uses only natural and certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. Their products are also formulated without any traces of parabens, petrolatum, phthalates propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, DE and animal ingredients. With such a skincare product so close to the heart of nature, how could I not resist from trying Origins’ products which are powered by nature and proven by Science? Treatment of the skin goes all the way back to the origins of nature, where the potent botanical ingredients were extracted from plants.


That Saturday, most of us were there for one reason – to witness the wonders and benefits of Origins’ Best Selling Mask – Multi-tasking mask and as well as their newly launched product, No-Puffery Cooling roll-on mask for puffy eyes.


Each of us who were present at the hands-on workshop had the opportunity to try out some of their best selling masks on the back of our hands. Before apply any mask, it’s crucial to cleanse and scrub the face to remove any impurities and dead skin cells so that the skin is able to absorb all the goodness and moisture from the mask. This facial scrub I’m trying is Origins Modern Friction which produces gentle dermabrasion effect with its skin refining rice starch that leaves your skin looking perfectly polished and smooth without feeling taut.

A good facial scrub is that consisted of a well-balance amount of cream with abrasive ingredients which is gentle, even on sensitive skin. Origins Modern Friction scrub is not only creamy, which replenished moisture during the scrubbing and cleansing process but it also smells pleasant which makes the whole facial wash experience really enjoyable.

The first multi-tasking face I get to try is Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal masks that aids in clearer pores. Essentially, this is what I really need to cleanse my pores to as to minimize the size and appearance of enlarged pores. This active charcoal masks acts like a magnet, drawing pore-cloggers and the presence of White China Clay in the product further helps to absorb environmental toxins embedded in the skin.
I was so glad that I was able to bring home a tube of the Active Charcoal mask to home and test out its full effects right at the comfort of my home. I’ve been using it once every three days and I already start to notice an improvement in my skin texture. My skin now appears less ‘cloudy’ and the oil-production at my T-zone area is now more controlled. In fact, the pores on my cheek area are starting to close up and now, I could really feel that my skin is beginning to ‘breathe’ properly again.


Since the Active Charcoal mask contains skin astringent ingredients, this product could be very drying on the skin after application. You will just need to apply the product thinly over the face and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes or until the mask layer dries up on the skin. After washing off the mask, remember to rehydrate the skin by applying your favourite night moisturiser or essence to replenish the moisture loss in the skin. Don’t forget to drink lots of water too!

The other mask I’ve tried is Origins Drink up mask – a 10 minute mask to quench skin’s thirst. The key ingredients of this product is the algae extracts, which delivers an extra-helping of hydration, and emollient-rich Apricot Kernel oil which helps to bring the suppleness back to your skin. What I really like about this mask is the pleasant sweet apricot scent that could instantly uplifts your mood. It’s a true pleasure to just be wearing an apricot-scented mask while reading a book or surfing the net. Or maybe it’s just me because I often get intoxicated by fruity or floral scents.


After the mask treatment, my hands were treated with Origins GinZeng Energy-boosting moisturizer which felt to light and refreshing on the skin. This works perfectly as a morning moisturizer because its natural sharp citrus scent could instantly awake your senses, leaving you feeling so refreshed at the start of the day.

The No Puffery Cooling roll-on treatment with yeast extract reduces the puffiness of the eyes and helps brightens the eye area upon application. The metal ball roll-on provides a cooling effect on the eyes and further helps to de-puff or reduce swellness caused by water retention. A cold metal spoon could do the same trick but it so much more convenient to carry a roll on applicator of a size similar to a lipgloss rather than to carry a metal spoon in my purse.
I was also given this product by Origins to try it back home and what really stands out for this product is its high absorbance factor. Since the skin around the eye area is thin and delicate, a gentle tapping motion of the fingers could easily get the product absorbed right into the skin. The skin around the eye area is highly sensitive and if any product left is not absorbed into the skin, tiny bumps called milia seeds might found around the eye area. That is why I’m particularly careful about using eye products which are not too rich but light yet highly absorbable on my skin.


Before I end my post, here’s something worth mentioning and advocating about! Origins is working on  a recycling project with NEA that involves the recycling of unwanted or used cosmetic packagings. So ladies, instead of tossing away your foundation case into the regular bin, why not do a part for the environment and drop it into this recycling bin (below) which is meant for gathering cosmetic empties?


After using Origins products, I’m having thoughts about switching my current skincare brands to other brands which uses natural or organic ingredients because I realize that it works better on my sensitive skin. Should I? Do share and let me know if you’re using any natural or organic skincare brands!

For more information on Origins proucts, visit Origins Singapore website.

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