Healthy Snack Ideas: Tuna Wasabi Spread with Crackers

Buenos Dias! I’m back with another healthy recipe idea. This time it’s a recipe using a weird concoction of ingredients which I happen to discover while I was preparing a post-gym snack in the late evening. I would usually skip dinner and spend my after-working hours in the gym to attend floating yoga or dance classes. ( Yesterday, I challenged myself to attend the advance floating yoga class and it was indeed straining on the muscles but a great workout!)

This recipe requires a few simple ingredients to prepare a wasabi-flavoured tuna which I promise that it will not burn your tongue simply because of the presence of cucumber chunks which cools and soothes your tastebuds.


Here’s I’m using Farmland’s plain tuna, soaked in polyunsaturated oil,which is SGD 1.90 for a can and probably the cheapest can of tuna you can get in the local supermarket!


Add a dash of black pepper to season the tuna.


Add about a quarter teaspoon of wasabi.


Dice up the cucumber into small cubes to be mixed with the tuna. 


Mixed it well.


Finally, add a teaspoon of salad cream or mayonnaise just to gel every up together before spreading it on a piece of wholemeal bread or crackers.


Meiji crackers are the best!


A light and cruncy post-gym snack. A spicy wasabi-kick with juicy cucumbers that is both cooling and refreshing.

But beware, not to indulge in too much of it! Wholemeal, rice or wheat crackers would be a better option.

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