Juice Recipes : Sherbert Lemonade – Fresh Lemonade with a Twist

Ever since I got my juicer about a week ago, I’ve been trying different concoctions of vegetables and fruits. But it’s somewhat easier to just refer to online sites for tasty juicing recipes and here’s a really simple, easy and healthy lemonade drink recipe which I’ve found online. It’s the Juice Master, Jason Vale’s Sherbert Lemonade recipe that I’ve tried out today. To add a little twist to his original recipe, I added a short stalk of lemongrass for that extra herbal refreshing kick. But it’s totally optional if you don’t like the taste of lemongrass.


The quantity of fruits shown above is enough to fill up one glass with fresh juice. Here, I’m using three mini South African green apples (these are really sweet apples!), a one-third of a lemon with the rind attached and a 3-inch long of lemongrass stalk.


Juicing tip: Filling up the feeder tube with fruits and vegetables in the juicer will give you about one glass of freshly squeeze juice.

So 3 mini apples, one wedge of lemon and a short stalk of lemongrass fits really nicely into Philip‘s XL feeding tube.


I thought the lemonade will turn out to be more chalky and creamy but it’s rather clear . It only has a bit of a froth and foam floating right on top. But it’s one refreshing lemonade which gets its sweetness from the apples and the refreshing scent of the lemongrass. If I were to make a second glass, I would have added more lemongrass for a sharper herbal taste.


Everything’s made fresh from raw ingredients grown from the soil.

Adapted from Jason Vale’s Sherbert Lemonade Recipe.

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