LG Optimus G: My Encounter with a Eco-Friendly Phone


It’s black.It’s so sleek and slim.

This is the new LG optimus G phone I’ve been trying out for almost two weeks right now. The optimus G is a high-end smartphone from LG electronics that offers power performance and an innovative user experience. It’s an elegant jet-black phone with the jewel-like sophisticated materials used on the back of the phone which gives the phone a nice shine and sparkle to it.

I am no expert when it comes to technology gadgets but I’m amazed by LG Optimus G which performs near PC standards. It delivers a superior mobile experience for web browsing, games, user interfaces and other graphics applications at fast speeds. It’s like a down-sized version of a computer incorporated with a digital camera which qualifies as a ‘blogger-friendly’ type of phone. That means I could now take pictures with my phone and published it on my blog and other social media platforms with fast and smooth transitions.


Special features of the LG Optimus G

1. Zerogap Touch Technology

With this Zerogap Touch technology, the air gap between the glass sensor of the phone and screen cover glasses has been removed. And that would mean that the touchscreen is now way more sensitive than before. All you need is to gently tap or swipe on the screen to have the phone responding to your command, without much effort or sweat! Thanks to this technology, your fingers do not get overworked.

2. True HD IPS Plus Display

You don’t need to know what the acronym ‘IPS’ stands for in order to understand what True HD through LG Optimus G’s display. The screen has a true high-definition display which provides the sharpest and clearest image with colour accuracy. Photos looked especially sharper and crisper through the True HG IPS Plus Display. And yes, it’s I now enjoyed browsing Instagram photos posted by my friends on LG Optimus G. It’s flawless clarity just gets me hooked onto it so much so that I prefer using my LG Optimus G to my laptop when surfing the net.

3. Ultra High-Resolution and Ultra Slim Camera : Say Kimchi!

As a social media junkie who loves documenting life through photographs, I need a phone with a super-duper good camera function. It’s my number one top criteria in selecting a phone for myself to carry around as I attend media events, parties or functions. And this phone does not disappoint me with its whopping 13 Mega Pixel high-resolution camera. It works like an in-built digital camera as it provides the user with a variety of camera functions, modes and effects. The great news is that you could even that moving objects with the Smart Shutter mode which enables the user to capture several snapshots in a frame within a split second. It’s great for taking candid or ‘un-glam; shots of your friends especially while they are trying to stuff meatballs into their mouth.

Snapshots of my life using LG Optimus G’s camera function

Another cool function is the Cheese shutter or the voice activation command which takes a picture when you say “Cheese!”, “Smile!” or “Kimchi!”. I had no idea why the phone only recognizes my voice when I said “Kimchi!” and not other words. I was trying out this cool function on the train with my friends where I had to say “KIMCHI!”directly to my phone before the camera could take a snapshot of us. The other commuters on the train must be thinking I’m mad. They could be wondering why on earth  I would be talking to my phone in Korean. Annyeong haseyo!

Other innovative features of the phone


Allows user to jot down memo directly over pictures and screen caps.

Need to jot down  a phone number but had no paper and pen with you? This is a great function to help you pull through these panic moments.

Safety care 

If your life is at stake or in danger, this phone could practically save your life. With this safety care feature, it will automatically send a text message to your family/friends to inform them of your safety or your whereabouts. I could imagine that there will be more crimes prevented with this safety feature.

and many more…

The Sprint version of the Optimus G earned ULE Platinum certification the highest level of environmentalperformance issued by the Underwriters Laboratory Environment.

Besides all the cool and special features of this phone, one of the reasons why I’m raving so much about this phone is its eco-friendliness which I’m in great support of. It uses eco-magnesium, a new type of clean alloy, in its manufacturing process instead of the conventional magnesium that harms the environment. During the production process, eco-magnesium practically produces zero sulphur hexafluoride which is one of the most potent greenhouse gases on earth. Replacing conventional magnesium with eco-Magnesium in mobile phones will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by four kilograms for every mobile handset LG produces.In addition, the Optimus G was also granted CarbonFree® Product certification.

Using such eco-friendly phones enables us to play a small but significant part in protecting the earth. Be in the support of such green innovations!

For more information, visit LG’s website.

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