LOTTE Koala’s March Yoghurt Parfait

It’s TGIF! Finally, a well-deserved and precious break at last from work. Sometimes when work leaves you feeling so blue and stressed out, you need a ‘cheat snack’ like LOTTE’s Koala’s March, small bite-sized cookies cookie snacks with sweet flavoured cream filling inside. I use to love eating such cream-filled small cookies when I was a kid, especially the strawberry and chocolate-flavoured ones. These little small treats could instantly brighten up your day.


I was instantly cheered up the moment I received the delivery box which is packed with Koala’s March biscuits that comes in three different flavours – strawberry, chocolate and milk. The best is still got to be the chocolate flavoured ones which reminded me of Meiji’s Hello Panda, a similar version to Koala’s March small cookies.

Chocolate, strawberry or creamy milk?

The rich chocolate-flavoured small crunchy biscuit is still the best!


Each biscuits comes in a shape of a koala and its imprinted with a cute koala character on its surface. And there are 365 koala characters thus far to cheer you up everyday!


Have you heard about the Koala’s March Chocoball challenge? I’ve seen it on YouTube and I even attempted the Chocoball challenge with the given packet of Koala’s March biscuits but I failed terribly! I gave up shaking after 3 minutes because my arm was already aching by then but I must say that all those shaking constitute as a great workout for getting rid of those bye-bye arms.
To be successful in churning out a Chocoball, you will need to shake the box of biscuits vigorously for at least 30 minutes! That’s a great calorie-burning workout to achieve a sexier arm.

Koala: ” Don’t eat me!”

Me: Munch. Let’s have another.


About half of the crisp biscuit pocket is filled with rich premium quality cream filling.


It’s nice to know that Lotte’s Koala March made a socially conscious effort by highlighting the list of ingredients to inform people of the presence of wheat,soy and peanuts which could cause allergic reactions in some people.


These cream-filled biscuits are so delicious that you could have it as a mid-day snack with tea.


Since these Koala’s March biscuits are simply too adorable, I thought it might be a great ‘food accessory’ to jazz up my breakfast meals just to add a cheery and fun factor to brighten up my day.

Here’s how you could create a Koala’s March Yoghurt Parfait!


Koala’s March biscuits
Plain yoghurt
Granola / Breakfast cereals
Nuts ( Pecans, almonds)
Cinnamon Powder

It’s a quick and easy healthy breakfast idea to kick start a busy working day with a good dose of protein and fibre. Here, I’m using Koala’s March Milky Cream biscuits,Marigold’s low-fat plain yoghurt with Post-it’s Great Grains (Crunchy Pecans). I’ve also sprinkle some cinnamon powder over it for an added zestiness. You could even toss in some fresh fruits like kiwi, bananas,strawberries or peach for a good dose of fibre and vitamins.
I really like how the sweetness of the cream filling complements with the light sourish taste of the plain yoghurt. The outer biscuit layer of the Koalas still remain crunchy even when it’s soaked in the yoghurt.   Now, how could you say no to such a cute and delightful breakfast?

Lotte Koala’s march is import from Japan and Thailand. It is approved by 
Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

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