Love More’s New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All Out Set : Closing Your Pores is the Gateway to Smooth Skin


When the stress levels are up this week, I starting to have zit appearing on my forehead.Having enlarged pores and oily skin is in my genes but there are ways to minimize the appearance of the pores and control the oil production of the oil secretion glands. And one of the most effective way of downsizing the diameter of your facial pores is to use a clay or charcoal mask with astringent ingredients to tighten up those outlets in the skin which can trap dirt,oil and sebum. Once your pores size are minimised, there’s a lesser tendency for the pores to get clogged with dirt and bacteria which may cause acnes.
Previously, I haven been using Origin’s Charcoal mask which works really well in minimizing pores and unclogging impurities which may be trapped in the pores. And this week, I’ve been introduced to another fantastic product which could help remove blackheads and tighten pores instantly.
Love More’s New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All Out Set is the ultimate emergency pore minimizer kit with it’s three treasures – Sebum softener, purifying mask and purifying astringent essence. It’s a 3-step kit which also aids in combating acne with it’s natural ingredient : New Zealand Kiwi extract. This extract also helps in the removal of dead skin cells, thus, revealing a fairer and even tone of the skin.

And to all men out there, if this cute and handsome Taiwanese actor, Jiro Wang (汪東城) would endorse this Acne All Out Set, doesn’t that make a product approved for males too? Don’t we all want to achieve smooth and flawless skin?

1. Acnes All Out Sebum Softener
2. Acnes All Out Purifying Mask
3. Purifying Astringent Essence

The 3-step products are in fact pretty much like what I used during my facials at the beauty salon. After cleansing, my beauty therapist will apply a skin softener before the extraction process so that it’s easier to squeeze out the blackheads and the impurities from those tiny pores. After extraction, it is usually followed by a facial massage than mask to soothe and tighten the pores. Thus, if you’re someone who can’t bear the pain felt during extraction, this acne-care kit might just be the right option for you to cleanse those pore in a painless manner.


The Acnes All Out sebum softener is similar to a clear lotion which turns a little thick after rubbing into your skin. Leave this product on your skin for a few minutes to let it penetrate through the skin to soften those black heads so that it’s easy purge out the nasty stuff from those clogged pores.

To open the bottle of softener, simply use a scissors to snip off the tip of the nozzle (cut off that small ball of plastic).

After applying the sebum softener for five minutes, wash it off and then apply the purifying mask which has this fruity and invigorating kiwi scent that make this beauty step really enjoyable. Once the mask has harden and dried, it could simply be peeled off from the skin. But silly me, I didn’t know that the mask could be peeled off so I tried washing it off with water which defeats the purpose of the mask, that helps to strip off the blackheads and dead from the pores. So ladies ( or men), do note that you are suppose to peel off the mask after it dries! The instructions on the packaging are written in Taiwanese mandarin which many may not be able to decode, even for Singaporean Chinese who could probably only read simplified Chinese characters.
Lastly, pamper the skin with a couple drops of astringent essence, an oil-free essence to further minimize the appearance of pores and to leave the skin feeling smoother and softer. In fact, my skin already felt so much smoother after peeling of the mask and I love that ‘clean’ and refreshed feeling of the skin after using the purifying mask. I would give Love More’s New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All Out Set a thumbs up!  Thanks to mother nature, for the abundance of Kiwis which helps to treat our skin woes!

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