Ever wonder how your car really works? Neither I own a car nor possess a driving license to drive one but I am pretty curious about how cars, which so many Singaporeans rely on as a mode of transport, could use up to much petrol to run which in turns generate air pollutants that choked our atmosphere. Could cars be made any ‘greener’? To find out more, we need to find out how gasoline powers the car engines.

Cars are usually fitted with internal combustion engine (ICE) which is basically an engine that burns gasoline internally that results in an explosive force will be transmitted through the engine to power the car. There are different types of ICE eg. diesel ICE, gasoline ICE and gas turbine engines.

Interestingly, based on an article contributed by Zeev Drori, an Israeli scientists and inventor of NRGLAB, he mentioned that ” ICEs came into existence quite a long time ago; their efficiency factor, however, hasn’t changed much since.” Does that mean to say that with the current advancement in technological knowledge, much research and effort has been invested into improving the efficiency of ICEs? Wouldn’t an engine with greater efficiency helps to save fuel and cost? We need to start thinking green and generate more environmental-friendly vehicles!

Zeev Drori

To date, the efficiency factor of a gasoline ICE is 25 to 30%, while a diesel ICE is 40 to 45%. Due to transmission loss and uneven ICE performance, the actual efficiency of a gasoline ICE (as quoted by Zeev Drori) is 16.6 to 20%, while a diesel ICE registers between 26.6 to 30%. In other words, ICEs are considered to be very inefficient in transforming the fuel’s chemical energy to mechanical energy because most of the energy is lost as wasted heat. Therefore, there’s a enormous potential to improve fuel and engine efficiency with the current advanced technologies.

Well, thankfully, an alternative energy company has finally come up with a green solution to improve the efficiencies of car engine by working and improving on existing technology to create a turbine engine of greater efficiency. This green company is no other than NRGLab which work along with an Israeli group of scientists to develop a new and improved gas turbine unit (GTU) concept. 

Source: AnaShell NRG

Possible fuels that can used for NRGLab’s GTU are methane, propane-butane, and methanol. Such fuels, when burnt, produces less greenhouse gases into the air as compared to gasoline.

In addition, NRGLab’s GTU has an efficiency factor of 75% while traditional GTUs only have an efficiency factor of 15 to 25 %. That’s a big jump in terms of efficiency!As mentioned by Zeev Drori, ” from an engineering standpoint, such GTUs can be used in hybrid cars. This way, fuel consumption per mile is reduced.”  Less fuel, less combustion. Less combustion, less exhaust fumes and smoke. Is this what you call an environment-friendly car engine?

Source: Green ecoservices
My dream green car!

This is another green technology by NRGlab which has proven to the world once again how small changes made in our daily lives could impact the world, making it a safer and greener place to live in.

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