Blueberry Cashew Smoothie

To all health junkies, here’s my new fuss-free smoothie formula – Blueberry cashew smoothie. Initially, I wanted to name it as ‘Berrinanas smoothie’ but it all sounded too cheesy or rather, too blatantly inauthentic. To spice up my health/fitness and weight loss journey, this is how I exercise my creativity to churn out something raw,vegan and yet delicious.
My kitchen cabinet is currently stocked up with different varieties of nuts after I went ‘nuts’ over health food grocery shopping at Mustafa. Who would have thought that this popular Indian 24-hours shopping mall could actually offer vegan/vegetarian-friendly groceries?Anyway, I had a stash of cashew nuts which I’ve been planning to blend it with water to make cashew milk. But the process of having to strain or filter the nut pulp seems rather tedious and I wasn’t too eager to start milking the cashews especially having to know how much time and effort I have to invest. Then a bright spark flew across my mind – why not just blend the cashews with water and immediately add fruits to make a highly dense smoothie? The nut pulp is nutritious anyway.
So here’s the smoothie formulae:
Half a packet of blueberries
1 Banana
Half a cup of raw cashew nuts
1 teaspoon of organic flax seeds
The price of blueberries has been going down drastically so it’s a pretty affordable antioxidant superfruit in our local marts right now! Along with the blueberries, I added a banana to sweeten up the smoothie and some organic flax seeds that gives the smoothie a fibre and omega-3-fatty acid boost.
Flax seeds ( or linseeds) are great toppings for smoothies as it supplements the beverage with more nutrients and at the same time, fills your tummy up!
Cheer up, create your very own version of creamy cashew smoothie with your favourite fruits today!

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