Foodline : First Singapore-based Catering Portal – How to Find Your ‘Soul-Caterer’

Food has the amazing ability to bring people together. Eating and socializing over meals is our past-time for most Singaporeans in our cosmopolitan and modernize city. Amidst the hearty dining affair that brings about delight and joy in others, people bond with each other through the occasional chatter over food which acts as great conversation starters to break the ice.

That’s how you start the conversation rolling. “You try that smoked salmon with cheese tapas. Grab one before it’s all gone!” At least for me, that’s how I would try to socialize at events or parties to make myself not looking like a pathetic loner or anti-socialite. As cheesy as it may sounds, most of our daily conversations revolves around food. And good food, brings about the most satisfaction in others and smiles across the table. If you are the host or organizer for an important event or party, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t want your guests to be sulking over your poor choice of food caterer. Because not-too-delicious food draws people away.

With so many food caterers around in Singapore, how do you select the best caterer that fits my requirements? That decision of yours is now made easier and convenient with Foodline, a Singapore-based catering portal with over 90 food caterers and 2,000 reviews from past customers. It’s by far the most comprehensive food caterer portal online! Foodline also features some of Singapore’s best and popular food caterers like Friends Alley and Makan Mate. 
Foodline Singapore

How find Your ‘Soul-Caterer’

Step 1: Do the “PacMan” Search : Fishing out the Right Caterers

With Foodline‘s easy search options, it’s so much more simpler for you to narrow down your choice to a smaller number of caterers based on your budget,number of guests and type of catering. Whether it’s for a birthday party, business meetings, corporate events, house-warming parties or weddings, you can find a suitable food caterer that meet your budget.

Step 2: Compare Reviews, Order and Get Rewards

Read and compare the useful reviews contributed by past customers.And once you’ve decided, you can place your food catering order directly through the website.

Foodline Cash Rewards

And if you are satisfied with the food caterer, don’t forget to pass on the goodwill by writing a review on Foodline to help others decide which caterer to choose for their events or parties. Your good deeds and contributions will not be overlooked as Foodline will be rewarding you with cash! Read more about Foodline Cash rewards here

Food Line Referral Programme

Also, Foodline is rewarding those spread the good word with their own unique referral programme. For every friend you refer to Foodline, you will receive a $5 referral reward. More details at

Foodline Monthly Lucky Draw 

You would be happy to know that there are more surprises at Foodline with their monthly lucky draw where anyone who can sign up for it. Simply submit your name and email, and you would be eligible to place your next catering order for free. There is no expiry date, and the winner can even claim for the catering from a non-Foodline listed caterer.

Step 3: Wait for the feast to begin!

Get the conversation going over good food!

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