Juice Recipes: Morning Purple Power Juice with Beetroot,Apples,Carrot


The Art of Juicing

After subsequent juicing the truck load full of natural produce, I manage to concoct some health juices which doesn’t taste awful but sweet and fruitilicious. It isn’t easy at first when I started juicing raw vegetables which doesn’t usually always taste good on its own. A good juice combination would include a good mix and proportion of fruits and vegetables which complements each other in taste, colour and nutrients. Getting that perfect juice cocktail is indeed an art which I’m still trying to learn.

Tips for Juicing

The Juicer

Investing in a good juicer like the slow or cold-pressed juicer would give you juice with the maximum amount of benefits. But if you’re on a budget and new to this juicing trend, you might want to start off with a centrifugal juicer, one of the pioneer juicers, just like the current juicer I’m using right now – Philips viva juicer. The sole reason why I narrowed my choices down to this juicer was because it’s supposedly one of the more efficient juicers which is easy to clean. But if price was not an issue for me, I would have chosen the Hurom juicer which can also make soy and almond milk.

The Juice 

If you’re a beginner in juicing, I suggest you could start off by juicing fruits and then incorporating some greens gradually into your juices because not many could stand the raw taste of vegetables. Even when making carrot juice, I can’t drink pure carrot juice alone without tossing in some apples into the juicer. And here’s one essential tip to all beginners – apple is one versatile fruit in which its taste complements with most fruits,vegetables and even herbs. The reason being is that the juice of the apples is sweet overall with a light fruity aroma which will not overpower the taste of most fruits and vegetables. And one of the easiest juicing recipe you could start off with is Jason Vale’s Sherbert lemonade, a fruit juice that requires only lemons and apples.

The next juicing recipe which I will be introducing this week is this fruit-veggie juice that tasted surprisingly sweet and refreshing. I call this the morning purple power juice firstly,because it’s purplish in colour due to the presence of beetroot.Secondly, this juice spells “rejuvenating”,”perky”, “refreshing” with the addition of lemon and cilantro. A great power juice for your body at the start of your day.

The Recipe

One-third of a Beetroot

1 Carrot

1 Apple

  A quarter of a Lemon

A handful of Grapes

A handful of fresh cilantro

With this recipe, I get about one full glass of juice.As for proportion-wise, it’s hard to measure up exact quantities required for each ingredient and you might want to alter the recipe to suit your taste and preference. For instance, if you prefer to have a sweeter juice, you might want to add more grapes or apples on. If you would like a sourish drink, add a bigger slice of lemon into the juicer. If you enjoy the greens, you might want to throw in some spinach as well.


With the juicer, my body get to absorb all the nutrients and goodness from these fruits and vegetables without having to gobble all of it up at one go during breakfast. That’s the benefit of juicing.


I’ve tried several fruit and vegetable juice combinations – some came across as awful while others tasted really delicious. But this juice recipe with a rich beetroot colour is one of the best juice recipe I’ve managed to come up with thus far.


Enjoy the pure and fresh goodness from the earth each morning with this morning purple power juice!


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