Juice Recipes: Tropical Paradise Morning Booster Juice Recipe + How to Juice Quickly


Squeezing in some precious time to juice in the morning can be somewhat challenging for most people like myself who can’t help but to catch a few winks even after the alarm has sounded. But this week I was motivated to wake up slightly earlier to whip up some fresh juice to give me the energy boost I needed. And this energy booster is exactly what I need to keep me awake,refreshed and energize to perform my weekly morning Pilates workout and work. I was surprise by how this glass of fresh wholesome juice I concocted, could actually give you all the energy you need in a day. 
This is my ultimate morning booster juice using affordable tropical fruits which are available throughout the year in Singapore. Many juice fanatics uses kale in their juices but since it’s not made widely available here in Singapore, I decide to go for other green alternatives like cucumber or spinach. 


My Morning Booster Juice Recipe
Half a pineapple ( High source of Vitamin C)
Two small apples ( Mainly use to sweeten up the juice)
One carrot ( Great source of Vitamin A) 
One Japanese cucumber ( High in water content to replenish your body fluid)
One-quarter of a lemon ( Added for that sourish kick to boost the body’s metabolism)
Essentially, this is what your body probably needs after resting for 8 hours in bed. The dehydrated body would probably be craving for something light and refreshing like citrus fruits and vegetables which are higher in water content. This morning booster is probably even better than a glass of cold water with a slice of lemon which is supposedly great beverage for the start of the day.


Actually, juicing can be done pretty quickly. All I need was 10 minutes to prepare,juice and wash up.

Check out how Jason Vale does it promptly, with no time wasted.

It’s no hassle at all once you get into the hang of the art of juicing.

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