LG Optimus G Pro : A True Pro with its Superb Video Recording Features

About a month ago, I did a test drive for LG’s Optimus G phone, dubbed as an Eco-friendly phone created with the energy-saving features and environment-friendly materials that fits nicely into the category of green mobile phones.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Now, LG Electronics (LG) is launching a bigger and better smartphone called LG Optimus G Pro, the first smartphone with 5.5 inch FULL HD IPS display that would provide users more screen real estate to view and show off the brilliant images.                                                                                                                                                                                             
This premium 4G LTE smartphone was also honoured the Best LTE Device/Handset award at the LTE World Summit 2013 for its superior LTE capabilities, leading performances and feature. No wonder some of the IT junkies are already eyeing on this phone.

The digital cube pattern at the back of the phone
 creates a sleek texture that sparkles depending on
the angleat which the light hits it.

The LG Optimus G Pro is often compared to Samsung Galaxy Note II for its similar 5.5 inch screen size and other physical features.

Apart from its physical appearance, LG Optimus G Pro is distinctively quite different from the widely popular Samsung Galaxy Note II with LG’s new smart features like QSlide 2.0, dual camera and dual recording, VR Panorama and Smart video. Some of these features like the QSlide 2.0 are also existing features in LG Optimus G phone. And of all the exciting features, I find LG’s dual recording mode the most fascinating features of all that truly makes this phone uniquely different from other phones available in the market.

Though this new model of LG phone might stands out with its new added smart features, it’s camera quality and resolution is still second to Samsung Galaxy phones which produces clearer and sharper quality images on screen and even on PCs.

Source: LG Electronics ( Optimus G Pro Reviewer’s Guide)

Comparing the size of LG Optimus G ( left) with LG Optimus G Pro (right).


What makes this phone sound like a true ‘Pro’?

1. Ultimate FULL HD IPS Screen Display 

This phone is by far one of the better phones in the market which produces the best image quality. LG Optimus G Pro adopts a FULL HD IPS display which has a resolution two times better than True HD IPS display. Featuring a 5.5-inch display with 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and a pixel density of 440 ppi ( pixels per inch)( currently,the highest among all smartphones), this new LG phone model is truly the ‘pro’ of all smartphones in the current market.

2. Green Display with Less Use of Battery

Embracing the heritage of the Optimus G, this new model also has a green feature in terms of energy efficiency. LG’s Full HD IPS display consumes lowest amount of battery under any environment and at any point in time. It also uses less battery power than Samsung Galaxy phones.

A peek into the given LG Optimus G Pro review handset box.

3. Dual Recording

If I were to purchase this phone, the only reason that led me to do so is it’s dual recording feature that allows users to capture video simultaneously with both the front and rear cameras for a unique picture-in-picture experience. This new innovation is somewhat the most attractive factor of the Optimus G Pro phone that really caught my eye. While other smartphones seek to improve its camera features, LG works on the video recording features to provide a new recording experience for YouTubers like myself. Who needs a camcorder now? This innovative LG smartphone’s dual recording is cooler than any camcorders or digital cameras in the market right now. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Other video recording features in LG Optimus G Pro:
 – Tracking focus: This feature enables the camera to focus on a moving subject while recording a high- definition video.

– WDR Recording: This feature perfectly balances contrast between light and shade while recording a video. With multiple exposure function, WDR Recording provides corrected videos under backlight or dark situations.

LG Optimus G Pro is also equipped with video editing application called Video Wiz that allows users to create music videos easily with just 4 clicks!

A dream-come-true for all video makers.

For more information, visit LG Electronics website.

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