Menicon’s Miru Miru : Ultra Thin Daily Disposable Contact lenses


/verb/ /japanese/
to see
With Japan’s proprietary flat pack technology.
This world’s thinnest daily lenses
Integrated with award-winning minimalist design

So thin and moist.
That you’re going to feel like you’re wearing nothing.

This daily disposable contact lens, Miru, has got to be the thinnest contacts made in the world by far. Developed by Menicon Co., Ltd, a major contact lens and eye care product manufacturer in Japan, the Miru contact lens provides wearers with both functionality and ultra-thin portability through its minimalist design as well as a high-wettability for all-day comfort.


Amazing as it sounds, nothing beats putting on these contact lenses to see if it actually does wonders to the eyes. I was given a one-month supply of daily disposable Miru lenses in which I had to have my contact lens fitting done at Paris Miki.

Barely 1mm in thickness, the Miru 1-Day Menicon Flat Pack is so thin and compact that it can be carried in a pocket, purse or even a wallet.

Photo credit: Menicon 


It’s literally paper-thin or rather slightly thicker.

The specially designed foil sheets of the Menicon flat pack features an easy-open seal which requires significantly less force to open than conventional contact lens packs. Immediately after the foil is peeled off, you could sweep off the lens with your finger in one single smooth motion and place it on the cornea of the eyes.


However, because it’s so thin, I find that the lens does not adhere as easily to my fingers and rest nicely on the tip of my index finger so that I could gently place the lenses on my eyes.

Though these days the trend is all about being thin and slim, it may not work as well if something is too thin and delicate that it breaks off easily. There was a tear in the lenses when I first open the Miru 1-Day Menicon flat pack I was given. Do look out for such tears or chips in any contact lenses as it may bring about discomfort or irritation in the eyes.


In terms of comfort and moisture, I felt that the Miru lenses has given me a somewhat sharper vision and less dryness on the eyes after wearing it for long hours. Its high wettability could be due to their  utilization of HEMA-GMA hioxifilcon A, a polymer (material) with numerous free radicals that naturally attract and bond with water molecules to ensure maximum wettability and moisture retention. Contact lenses which provides good hydration to the eyes will keep our eyes looking healthy and sparkly.


The lens has a base curve of 8.60 mm and a diameter of 14.2 mm.

 Miru comes in powers ranging from -0.50 to -10.00 

It is retailed at SGD 58 for a pack of 30 contact lenses.


Miru is available at major optometrists and optical stores. For more information please visit

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