PowerSlim IMPACT Launch Party@ The Fullerton Hotel : PowerSlim Impact Launch at The Spa Artisan

Visiting beauty salons for body contouring or slimming treatments has really become a fad when the typically modern woman finds it exceptionally hard to get rid of the stubborn fats, giving up glorious and blood vessel-clogging desserts and sacrificing personal time for exercise that made her look disgustingly sweaty and unattractive. Even the not-so-fat ones with slim silhouettes but flabby thighs and arms are seeking professional aesthetic doctors or beauticians for help so that they could be one step closer in becoming the next Victoria Secret’s model. No exaggerations here but pretty soon, you would be noticing more women (and men) in Singapore turning to either invasive or non-invasive aesthetic treatments to match up our societal standards of beauty. 
I personally observed that there’s a recent growth in the types of slimming treatments available in the market. Just this month, PowerSlim Impact treatment has made its first launch in Singapore right at The Spa Artisan. Since Singapore is the first country in Asia to be introduced with this revolutionary slimming technology innovated by PowerSlim company in Poland, the peeps from Asmara Lifestyle and The Spa Artisan were pretty excited about this new slimming treatment launch held at the Straits Room in The Fullerton Hotel.


The Spa Artisan was also chosen to be the first spa in the whole of Asia to be offering the PowerSlim IMPACT treatment to all men and women who seek to melt away their fats through the ultimate easy and lazy way without having to exercise or keep their heart rate up. I’ve experienced the PowerSlim Impact treatment prior to this launch at The Spa Artisan and I must say that the PowerSlim studio offers more than just slimming benefits but also helps to improves your overall health and wellness.

During the PowerSlim IMPACT launch party, we get to witness and see how this revolutionary technology works for itself. Personally, I’ve yet to try out the PowerSlim Gym, a device designed for people who expects a fast and extensive fitness boost. It’s basically a simple cross-trainer with a infrared radiator and high-powered ionizers attached to emit infrared and ions which aid in speeding up fat burn and eliminating of cellulite. So, try imagining a typical gym equipped with infrared emitters and ionizers that would further enhance your fitness levels as well as increasing your calorie burnt. And according to PowerSlim, “30 minutes on the PowerSlim gym is equivalent to 5 hours of exercise”. I could almost hear an unanimous loud cheers from all exercise-haters. Though personally, I rather opt for 5 hours of exercise so that I could be improving my yoga,pilates,body combat and dance techniques and moves.


A live demonstration of the PowerSlim IMPACT devices by the two chatty emcees.


Low-calorie tapas in small-bite sizes.

 It looks like mini spoonfuls of our traditional Malay rice,Nasi Lemak.


The co-founder of PowerSlim,Michał Kowalski with a bevy of beauties were also present during the PowerSlim IMPACT Launch party to grace the event.


Checking out what’s in their goodie bag for the event.

Each of us has a pack of Maxitone weight loss pills and a sachet of meal replacement beverage which tasted really quite ‘chocolatey’ good! I am already contemplating whether I should start drinking meal replacement beverages that is rather filling and nutritious for the body.


In addition to the series of seminars by PowerSlim and SkinCeuticals, there’s also an hourly lucky draw where guests could win attractive prizes like a one-night stay at The Fullerton Hotel. Well, I had to take my leave before the lucky draw beings and I really wonder whether they did actually announced my name as one of their lucky draw winners. If they do, I am definitely going to feel the heartache.

There were also retail booths by ReFa,SkinCeuticals,Red Flower and XNDO. XNDO’s booth is certainly quite attractive with its calorie-controlled food which looks really appetizing.


Guilt-free chocolate cupcakes, anyone?


Hazelnut milk tea – the new alternative to bubble milk tea?

Welcome to this new era where ‘exercise’ could be performed without moving your two feet.

Read about my PowerSlim treatment experience here!

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