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What’s the secret to weight loss? There’s no secret about being healthy, fit and slim. It isn’t all about being on a strict diet which consist of carrot sticks and celery or exercising simply to lose the calories. For many years, I have been fooled by marketing advertisers and the media into thinking that losing the flabs would make you become a more beautiful person on the outside when actually, losing the pounds is all about reducing the fat content in your body to a healthy level so that our body is able to work more efficiently. 
Talking to fitness instructors, nutritionists and beauty therapists has made me realized that you often need to employ and follow a few weight loss methods concurrently in order to see results. Whether you’re replying on exercise,supplements,weight loss pills or slimming treatments, you will also need to watch what you eat. No doubt exercise is one of the best ways to lose the unwanted fats and gain muscle mass but other methods of slimming methods like pills and treatments could further aid in weight loss when paired with good nutrition and balanced diet.
The slimming treatments I’ve been introduced thus far includes body wraps and massages using anti-cellulite creams and heated blankets to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to increase fat-burn. And this time, I’ve been introduced to somewhat of a revolutionary slimming technology called PowerSlim, a patented innovation that synergizes infra-red radiation and ionisation energies to aid in weight loss. But it does no justice to simply named this technology as ‘PowerSlim’ because it not only helps one to achieve a slimmer body but, it also brings about an overall wellness to the whole body such as keeping the skin looking firm and beautiful.
The PowerSlim technology has been around for a few years but it’s the very first time they are launching it in Asia, right in Singapore, exclusively at The Spa Artisan. This unique technology is protected by Patent and has been tested by the Polish Academy of Science, in terms of efficacy and safety.
The concept of PowerSlim Studio has been developed from this revolutionary technology that could provide an ideal space and atmosphere of relaxation while using PowerSlim devices that would work to help you construct a fitter and toner body.
The PowerSlim experience is said to be world’s most comfortable slimming experience so I was there at The Spa Artisan, a few days ago to feel what it’s like to be transported into ‘my own sunny paradise’ where I could listen to music, watch TV or relax while being baked under the infrared rays.

The new slimming treatment offered at The Spa Artisan is called the PowerSlim IMPACT treatment. If this is your first treatment, an InBody analysis will be performed where you would have to stand on the machine (shown right below) which measure your body fat,muscle and water content of your body and then produce a total body assessment report with all the information you need to know to help you to achieve your targeted weight.

The PowerSlim IMPACT tagline reads “55 mins is equivalent to 5 hours in the gym”. This technology is certainly a time-saver for us modern city dwellers who are in a constant battle against time!

I’ve did a similar body weight analysis at my gym before and I was astounded by how the stats has changed for me. After six months of regular exercise, my muscles mass has increased and my overall fitness has improved, however, my body fat has increased slightly. Could it be those packets of nuts I’ve been munching on as snacks? Oh well, I definitely need to do something about melting those extra fats before any health issues arises! Undergoing the PowerSlim IMPACT treatment is a great start-off to help me to shed the body fats!

After the total body assessment was performed, I was also given advices by the Spa consultant on how to work on my diet,nutrition and exercise to reach my targeted weight within a suitable time frame. The 30-minute consultation is followed by the PowerSlim IMPACT treatment where I had to get changed into their disposable bikini and bathrobe. You could also bring your favourite bikini suit and put it on while relaxing and lying down in the PowerSlim studio.

Here’s mini tour of The Spa Artisan at one of Singapore’s most iconic hotel, The Fullerton Hotel.

Though housed within a building in an enclosed area, you would still feel as if you’re not very far from nature at The Spa Artisan with it’s specially designed vertical wall garden. Mind you, these are real plants growing against the wall! No wonder the air at The Spa Artisan smelt really crisp and fresh.

This is the lounge area where guests or customers could enjoy a cup of herbal tea right after the spa treatments. You would feel instantly pampered just by sitting down on one of those cosy couches or chairs.

Let’s check out the toilet amenities at the Female changing room!
Afraid that your hair might go out of style after a spa treatment? There’s combs and a bottle of hair spray for you to style and prep your hair before heading out for your next appointment.

This is the so-called PowerSlim IMPACT treatment ‘welcome pack’! It consist of a white linen bathrobe, disposable black bikini set, shower cap and a pair of bathroom slippers.

The PowerSlim IMPACT treatment starts of with a 10 min relaxing foot soak with relaxing aromatherapy bath salts.

Next, I was sent right into the PowerSlim Studio that looks like a little mini ‘cove’ where my body was ‘toasted’ by the gentle infrared rays to warm up my body before the treatment.

Then the therapist applied the PowerSlim’s exclusive velvet skin cream on the specified targeted areas which has the most flabs. I was told that velvet cream could caused a slight itch in the skin for some people but for me, the cream did not caused me any discomfort.

I lay on the comfortable spa bed for about 10 minutes where the deep heating further relaxes my muscles and promotes a sense of relaxation.

The PowerSlim studio uses infrared radiation by Philips and an ionization system developed by Polish scientists.Infrared radiation from the PowerSlim devices intensifies the metabolism of the body and the process of burning calories, thus reducing the effect of cellulite and improving the skin’s appearance. In addition, infrared also stimulates collagen production, the main component responsible for supple and firm skin.

And the ionization system that releases negative ions that helps in reducing the feeling of tiredness and promoting deeper relaxation.

Benefits of the PowerSlim Studio
• Enhanced slimming
• Reduction of cellulite
• Healthy complextion
• Whole body becomes fit and firm
• Stimulation of collagen production
• Improved circulatory and respiratory system
• Relieve of muscle aches and tension
• Improve concentration and mental abilities
• Increased production of endorphin

Then, I send the next 40 minutes cocooned in the PowerSlim Studio with adhesive electrode pads placed over my abdominal area. The electrode sent out electrical impulses which stimulates the nerves and causes muscle contraction. There isn’t any pain or discomfort ( which I fear most) at all. The stimulated muscle contractions actually felt like someone massaging your abdominal muscles and you could really feel your abs working.

The stimulation of the muscle aids in burning fat cells, releasing of toxins and reducing cellulite. It also helps in tightening and toning the skin and overall improve the blood circulation.

In a total state of bliss – deep relaxation spa music played in the background while I transit into a deep relaxed mood, almost dozing off when my therapist came in to check if everything was okay and whether I felt thirsty. Boy, I was sweating quite a bit and I definitely need to replenish my body fluids!
After a while, I decided to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S instead which kept me entertained til the whole treatment was over.

So after ‘spending 5 hours of working out’, I was little famished so the cup of hot herbal tea and sesame biscuits was a perfect little treat to end my session.

Hmmm… the sesame biscuits are quite addictive. Munch.Munch.

Read on to find out how you can win a PowerSlim IMPACT treatment trial and receive IMPACT LAUNCH party invites at The Fullerton Hotel!

Don’t envy! Here’s how you can try the PowerSlim IMPACT treatment : 

Call 6423 1382 and quote ” Deenise Glitz” to book your personal Free Body Composition Analysis Composition Report which includes body fat percentage, metabolic rate analysis and more!

1.PowerSlim $98nett Trial

Be the First in Asia to experience our PowerSlim IMPACT treatment at The Spa Artisan (The Fullerton Hotel)
“55mins is equivalent to 5 hours in the Gym”
Treatment Includes 
• Relaxing Foot Soak
• Velvet Skin Prep on targeted area
• Stimulating IMPACT Therapy to obtain visible results
• Be surrounded by patented infrared and ionization technology to maximise comfort and effectiveness
• En suite Bath Facilities provided
75mins I $98nett (U.P. $298+) 
Terms and Conditions:
Spa Reservation required, please call 6423 1382 and quote “Impact First Time Trial” .
To purchase spa vouchers for PowerSlim First Time Trial, log on to – comes with free registered mail delivery.
Redemption valid all day excluding eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday.
Valid for first time customers for PowerSlim Impact only.

And if you like to know more about this treatment, you could join us for the IMPACT party launch which is open to my readers! ( I’ll be there too!)

2. IMPACT Launch Party

Be the First in Asia to witness the launch of the PowerSlim Studio at The Fullerton Hotel

Find out more about the revolutionary technology as well as explore our exciting range of products and services from our Power)FIT(Programme

Date: 24th Aug, Saturday
Time: 11am – 4pm
Venue: The Straits Room, Level 4
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Get a 7-days complimentary trial pass to Pure Fitness when you join us on the 24th August.
Sample innovative calorie-controlled dishes and beverages, and bring home a welcome goodie bag if you are amongst our first 100 guests.

Stand a chance to win a One Night Weekend Stay in the Quay Room with American Buffet Breakfast for 2 persons at The Fullerton Hotel!

Kindly RSVP to with the following: quote “Deenise Glitz” and include your name, mobile and no. of pax.

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 1 x Free PowerSlim Trials Giveaway!
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With special thanks to Asmara Lifestyle 
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Winner of the World Luxury Spa Award for 2013

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