The Vegan Meal @ Veggie Cottage, Little India : Go Meatless For A Day

My hunt for the ‘green’ and healthy living cafes in Singapore continues as I search for unique eateries that serve organic,vegan or raw food. This time, I stumbled across this tiny yet homely vegan cafe called ‘Veggie Cottage’ while searching for food places in Little India. It’s a modest little ‘cottage’ that serves non-dairy ‘veggie-only’ meals in western style. Another great hang-out for both vegans ,vegetarians or any other carnivorous people out there who is venturing into healthy eating.
Their menu, at the present moment, isn’t quite extensive but the prices of the vegetarian dishes here are pretty affordable. I mean, for a main course to cost less than SGD7, I would say it’s quite a steal.
Homemade Pumpkin Soup (SGD4.80)
For appetizer, you could start off with this homemade pumpkin soup that comes with a small piece of garlic bread. It’s less creamy than The Soup Spoon’s version of pumpkin soup but it’s nonetheless very flavourful and appetizing. Well, it’s not too bad for a pumpkin soup without adding cream or milk to thicken it.
Fish and Chips ( SGD 6.50)

Don’t be fooled by the name of this dish and be tricked into thinking that it’s the real ‘fish’ with chips. It’s actually a mock fish patty which is made using a cocktail of vegetables and served with homemade tartar sauce. I am pretty sure I’ve tasted chunks of sweet potatoes and onions in it. This is their signature dish and most customers who entered Veggie Cottage would order this as their mains. Singaporeans love their fried food, don’t they? 
So what’s the highlight of this dish? It’s none other than the fried mock fish fillet which is made fresh and hot when served. Dip a small chunk of mock fish into the tartar sauce and be sure to make a dive for it with your mouth when it’s still hot. Veggie Cottage’s Fish and Chips will totally change your impression about vegetarian and vegan food. How on earth could veggies-only meal taste this good?
The veggie-only mock fish fillet that was fried til the outer layer was crisp. Though portion-wise, it isn’t really generous but enough to fill the stomach.

Salad Medley ( SGD 5.50)

This plate of salad is similar to waldorf salad, a mixed of butter lettuce with apple chunks,chopped walnuts and raisins.
As for beverages, I had ginger mint tea while Esther had good cup of latte with soymilk.
This ‘cottage’ would only housed less than 20 customers at any one time and I would have guess that it might be pretty crowded during lunch and dinner hours.
Located at Dalhousie Road, Veggie cottage is not strategically located along the busiest main streets in Little India but in a small quiet corner, facing building, the Verge. With that, it makes difficult for anyone who doesn’t know the area well to find this cafe. It might be hard to miss this cafe too because their window signage,which bears the name of this cafe, is really small. However, perhaps this is what makes this little-know cafe a truly unique eatery for vegans,vegetarians or health-conscious individuals to have a good hearty and homely meals.

For those who are new to the vegan and vegetarian diet, why not try going ‘meatless’ for a meal or a day and feast on the greens which will revitalize your body?

Veggie Cottage
  • 13 Dalhousie Road
  • Singapore 209682
Opened daily from Tues  
Sat (10.30am-8.45pm) and Sun (10.30am-4pm)
Closed on Mon

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